Distinguished Faculty Honored

Posted: August 12, 2011 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: August 11, 2011 at 8:23 pm

By Robin Herron

Provost Peter Stearns was named a University Professor this year. Photo by Dolores Peck

President Alan Merten and Provost Peters Stearns honored the university’s most distinguished faculty at a reception held in the Mason Hall Alumni Atrium on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

The group includes endowed chairs, Clarence J. Robinson Professors, Distinguished Service Professors and University Professors.

“George Mason University is an incredible institution,” said Merten, “and I have the honor of representing all of you. When I’m in the community, I wish you could hear what people say about us.” He added, “I thank you for your scholarship and leadership and for continuing to make the university an exciting place for faculty and students.”

Stearns, who was also honored this year as a new University Professor, echoed Merten’s comments and reminded the group, “You’re in the position you hold because of what you’ve done in the past, but we depend upon you for the accomplishments you can still render. We hope you will continue to give.”

Dean Edward Rhodes, School of Public Policy, Dean Bill Reeder, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Dean Dan Polsby, School of Law, and Dean Jack Censer, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, introduced members new to the group of distinguished faculty who were present.

The complete list of honorees follows, with an asterisk next to those who are new to the list this year.


Paul D'Andrea, Robinson Professor of Theater and English, and Linda Monson, professor of music and newly named Distinguished Service Professor, at the reception. Photo by Dolores Peck

*Avruch, Kevin, Henry Hart Rice Chair of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Bartoli, Andrea, French Cumbie Chair of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Behrmann, Michael, Helen A. Kellar Professor of Special Education

Bennett, James T., William P. Snavely Professor of Political Economy and Public Policy

*Bernstein, David, George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law

Buckley, Francis H., Mason Foundation Professor of Law

*Butler, Henry, George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law

Cheldelin, Sandra, Vernon M. and Minnie I. Lynch Professor of Conflict Resolution

Cook, Gerald, Earle C. Williams Professor of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Cowen, Tyler, Holbert L. Harris Chair in Economics

*D’Amboise, Christopher, Heritage Professor of Dance

From left, Jorge Haddock, dean of the School of Management; Mike Kelley, Distinguished Service Professor in the School of Public Policy; and Dan Polsby, Mason Foundation Professor of Law and dean of the School of Law, converse. Photo by Dolores Peck

Deshmukh, Marion F., Robert T. Hawkes Professor of History

Dutta, Amitava, LeRoy Eakin Sr. Professor of E-Commerce

Ferri, Michael G., Mason Foundation Professor of Finance

Fuller, Stephen F., Dwight C. Schar Faculty Chair in Public Policy and University Professor

Goldstone, Jack A., Virginia E. and John T. Hazel Jr. Endowed Chair

Goodings, Deborah, Sidney O. Dewberry Endowed Chair for Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

Gopin, Marc, James H. Laue Chair in World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Haynes, Kingsley E., Ruth D. Hazel and John T. Hazel, M.D., Faculty Chair in Public Policy

Jajodia, Sushil, BDM International Professor of Information Technology and University Professor

Kreps, Gary, Eileen and Steve Mandell Term Professor of Health Communication

From left, University Professors June Tangney, psychology, and Faye Taxman, criminology, law and society. Photo by Dolores Peck

*Krishnan, Gopal, VSCPA Northern Chapter Professorship in Public Accounting

Layendecker, Dennis, Heritage Chair in Music, Conductor, University Orchestras

Lund, Nelson R., Patrick Henry Professor of Constitutional Law and the Second Amendment

Mattusch, Carol C., Mathy Professor of Art History

Muris, Timothy J., Mason Foundation Professor of Law

Pankey, Eric, Heritage Chair in Writing

Polsby, Daniel, Mason Foundation Professor of Law

Reeder, William, Heritage Chair in Arts and Cultural Criticism

Ritchie, Dennis J., Elisabeth Shirley Enochs Chair in Child Welfare

Rowley, Charles K., Duncan Black Professor of Economics

From left, University Professors Giorgio Ascoli, molecular neuroscience, and Jim Olds, director of the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study. Photo by Dolores Peck

Sage, Andrew P., First American Bank of Virginia Professor of Information Technology and University Professor

*Schneider, William, Omer L. and Nancy Hirst Professor of Public Policy

Stough, Roger R., Northern Virginia Chair in Local Government/Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Wagner, Richard E., Holbert L. Harris Chair in Economics

Wegman, Edward J., Bernard J. Dunn Professor of Information Technology and Applied Statistics

Williams, Walter E., John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics

*Zywicki, Todd, George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law


Thanks to the vision and generosity of the late Clarence J. Robinson, Mason undergraduates have the opportunity to learn from faculty members recruited to Mason from senior positions at prestigious institutions. The mission of the Clarence J. Robinson Professors is to enrich the academic experiences of undergraduate students. At the same time, the professors continue their scholarly pursuits on broad and fundamental intellectual issues.

Bakhash, Shaul, History

Crew, Spencer, American, African American, and Public History

D’Andrea, Paul, Theater and English

Hazen, Robert, Earth Sciences

Heclo, Hugh, Public Affairs

Hinton, Carma, Visual Culture and Chinese Studies

Morowitz, Harold, Biology and Natural Philosophy

Paden, John, International Affairs and Public Policy

*Pearlstein, Steven, Public and International Affairs

Trefil, James, Physics


According to the Faculty Handbook, University Professors are “men and women of unusually great stature and eminence from the world of national and international achievement.” They are appointed by the president and the Board of Visitors with the advice and consent of an ad hoc faculty committee. Although they are appointed as at-large members of the general faculty, they may also be invited to accept primary affiliation in one or more departments, colleges, schools or institutes.

Acs, Zoltan, Public Policy

Ascoli, Giorgio, Molecular Neuroscience

Boehm-Davis, Deborah, Psychology

Boettke, Peter, Economics

Button, Kenneth, Public Policy

Cheuse, Alan, English

Conlan, Timothy, Public and International Affairs

De Jong, Kenneth, Computer Science

Denham, Susanne, Psychology

Foster, John, English

*Gentle, James E., Computational Statistics

Gerber, Naomi Lynn, Health and Human Services

*Hughes Hallett, Andrew, Public Policy

Kreps, Gary, Communication

Levis, Alexander H., Electrical and Computer Engineering

Liotta, Lance, Molecular and Microbiology

Lovejoy, Thomas E., Public and International Affairs; Environmental Science and Policy

Maddux, James, Psychology

Maibach, Edward, Communication

Maiello, Anthony, Music

Mastrofski, Stephen, Criminology, Law and Society

Mastropieri, Margo, Education and Human Development

Miller, Patricia, Music

Olds, James L., Computational Neuroscience

Parasuraman, Raja, Psychology

Petricoin, Emanuel, Molecular and Microbiology

Pfiffner, James, Public Policy

*Richards, Kathy, School of Nursing

Rubenstein, Richard, Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Scruggs, Thomas, Education and Human Development

*Shelley, Louise, School of Public Policy

Sherwin, Martin, History and Art History

Shukla, Jagadish, Climate Dynamics

Soyfer, Valery N., Molecular and Microbiology

*Stearns, Peter, Office of the Provost

Stratmann, Thomas, Economics

Tangney, June, Psychology

Taxman, Faye, Criminology, Law and Society

Tetrick, Lois, Psychology

Tolchin, Susan, Public Policy

Wade, Rex, History and Art History

Weisburd, David Lee (Distinguished Professor), Criminology, Law and Society

Winkler, Martin, Modern and Classical Languages


Distinguished Service Professorships are bestowed on faculty members whose scholarly and/or service contributions win international distinction.

Kelley, Michael R., School of Public Policy

Malawer, Stuart, School of Public Policy

*Monson, Linda, Music


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