New Global Crossings Living Learning Community Combines Domestic, International Students

Posted: May 20, 2011 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: May 19, 2011 at 9:24 pm

By Steven Harris Scott, research assistant, Office of Global and International Strategies

A select new residential community called Global Crossings Living Learning Community will begin this fall after more than a year of planning.

The community will combine two dozen upper-level domestic students with about an equal number of upper-level international students as roommates in one of Mason’s newest residence halls, Hampton Roads.

By forming this new residential community, Mason hopes to foster intercultural interaction, international understanding and global vision.

Residents of Global Crossings will be prepared for living and working successfully in a global society by gaining experience as part of this unique and pioneering community.

More specifically, participating students will gain greater cultural awareness and literacy, live with like-minded students from around the country and the world, take unique classes that will further the goal of cultural understanding and engage in internationally focused activities.

Students were selected in March for the Global Crossings program but have not yet been paired.

Currently, most of the participating international students hail from Russia and China or are part of Mason’s English Language Institute. Domestic students represent a variety of majors, but all have some experience in studying a foreign language, according to Amy Reagan, the graduate student coordinating the program.

Reagan and Kathy Trump, associate dean for international university life, have been mostly targeting rising sophomores and juniors so that they will be eligible to return and recruit more students for 2012-13.

Both Reagan and Trump, as well as Anne Schiller, vice president for global and international strategies who is collaborating on the project, say they are confident that Global Crossings will succeed. The goal is to make this experience beneficial for everyone involved, regardless of international experience or language ability. It will be a challenge with many different cultures coming together in such an intimate manner, but well worth the effort, they say.

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