Students Selected for Fall 2009 Undergraduate-Faculty Apprenticeship Program

Posted: September 28, 2009 at 1:01 am, Last Updated: September 25, 2009 at 5:16 pm

Nineteen students were selected for the competitive Undergraduate-Faculty Apprenticeship Program, which matches students with faculty mentors to work on a creative or scholarly project.

The students selected, their projects and mentors are

  • Arya Ansari, psychology; “School Readiness:  Are Latino Children Better Suited Attending Family Care?”; Adam Winsler, mentor
  • Michael Atkins, mathematics; “Phase Field and Atomistic Modeling of Grain Boundaries”; Yuri Mishin, mentor
  • Janet Bourne, music; “Exploring Patterns and Similarities in Compositions that Depict Specific Emotions and Scenes”; Rachel Bergman, mentor
  • Anna Braum, integrative studies; “Changes in the Distribution of Larval Bluet Damselflies in Response to Tidal Influences in a Freshwater Marsh”; Rebecca Forkner, mentor
  • Tiffany Cambridge-Williams, psychology; “University 100: Examining the Effect of a First-Year Program on Student Satisfaction, Motivation, Retention and Graduation Rates”; Anastasia Kitsantas, mentor
  • Jessica Chang, psychology; ” Cloning of Thymosin Beta4 Plasmid and Transfection in MRC5 and A549 Cell Lines”; Geraldine Grant, mentor
  • Catharine Chavez, psychology; “ The Relative Contributions of Dimensions of Classroom Emotional Support in Predicting Pre-Kindergarten Children’s Developmental Success”; Timothy Curby, mentor
  • Lauren-Claire Kelley, English; “Narrative, Queerness and the Mind-Body Split in Sarah Orne Jewett’s ‘Deephaven’”; J. Samaine Lockwood, mentor
  • Meghan Clark, computer science; “Justice Is Served: An Experimental Examination of Law Internalized as Personal Morality”; Ricci Heishman, mentor
  • Scott Douglass, physics; “Interstellar Trajectories of Extra Solar Meteoroids”; Joseph Weingartner, mentor
  • Simone Erchov, psychology; Writing Fellow; Mark Hopson, mentor
  • Caroline Gergel, biology;  Writing Fellow; Giuseppina Kysar Mattietti, mentor
  • Katherine Kane, music; Writing Fellow, Tom Owens, mentor
  • Mathieu Kurosawa, neuroscience; “Developing Novel Tools for Gain-of-Function Analyses of Individual Neurons”; Daniel Cox, mentor
  • Tarek Lahlou, electrical engineering; “Radio Transmitter Localization for Health Care Applications in Rural Guatemala”; Jill Nelson, mentor
  • Dennis Price, physics,  “Testing a New Method to Measure the Mass of Black Holes”; Mario Gliozzi, mentor
  • Kendra Smyth, integrative studies; “Development of a Testosterone Field Kit for African Elephants”; Elizabeth Freeman, mentor
  • Sarah Minerva Venuti, mathematics;  “Modeling, Analysis and Computation of Fluid Structure Interaction Models for Biological Systems”; Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, mentor
  • Leah Wolfeld, psychology; “Effects of Office Layout on Social Interaction and Productivity in the Workplace”; Seth Kaplan, mentor

Venuti and Lahlou were previously awarded apprenticeships.  For more information on the Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program, please contact Deirdre Moloney, director, at or go to The deadline to apply for spring semester apprenticeships is Nov. 15.  Applications will be available on the UAP web site on Oct.15.

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