November 2008 Accolades

Posted: November 3, 2008 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Accolades is a monthly column that recognizes the latest achievements of Mason faculty and staff members.

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David Atkins, Student Centers, was appointed to a second term as the Regional Education Council chair for auxiliary services for the Association of College Unions International.

Maurice Bombasi, Student Centers, was appointed the Regional Education Council chair for administration, finance and management for the Association of College Unions International.

Mike Snipas, Technology Support Services, was chosen as the Information Technology Unit’s November Employee of the Month.

Peter Stearns, provost, conducted an all-day seminar in September at the Smithsonian Institution titled “Around the World: 500 to 1450 CE.”

College of Education and Human Development

Marjorie Haley was a visiting scholar at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, the world’s largest foreign language training facility, in Monterey Sept. 8-11. While there she worked with professors who teach Arabic, Pashto, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Urdu, Slovak, Thai, Tagalog and Hindi.

Vicky Spencer and her colleagues published an article titled “Use of Text Maps to Improve the Reading Comprehension Skills Among Students in High School with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders” in Behavioral Disorders.

Peggy King-Sears published an article titled “Using Teacher and Researcher Data to Evaluate the Effects of Self-Management in an Inclusive Classroom” in Preventing School Failure.

Anastasia Kitsantas and a colleague published an article titled “College Students’ Homework and Academic Achievement: The Mediating Role of Self-Regulatory Beliefs” in Metacognition and Learning.

Joe Maxwell published a chapter titled “Designing a Qualitative Study” in the SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods. He also published a paper titled “The Value of a Realist Understanding of Causality for Qualitative Research” in Qualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Evidence.” Maxwell and his former doctoral students published four entries for Explanation, Explanatory Research, Theory and Thick Description in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods.

Elavie Ndura-Ouedraogo co-edited a book titled “Seeds of Hope: Pan-African Peace Studies for the Twenty-First Century.”

Rachel Grant published a chapter titled “An African-American Female’s Emerging Voice: Using Moll’s Funds of Knowledge to Give Tone, Inflection and Volume to a Literacy Teacher Educator” in Mosaic: A Journal of Original Research on Multicultural Education, Teaching and Learning.

Shelley Wong and Rachel Grant published an article titled “Critical Race Perspectives: Bourdieu and Language Education” in Pierre Bourdieu Literacy Education.

College of Health and Human Services

Lisa Eckenwiler and her colleagues published an article titled “Hopes for Helsinki: Re-thinking Vulnerability” in the Journal of Medical Ethics and another article titled “Fresh Thinking about the Declaration of Helsinki” in the British Medical Journal. In addition, Eckenwiler gave a presentation in San Francisco on Oct. 22 titled “An Ethical Framework for Caregiving – The Plight of Paid Caregivers: A Global Perspective” at the On Lok Lifeways Annual Meeting: Sustainable Long Term Care: Ethics, Technology and International Perspectives.

Mark Meiners was named to the Amerigroup Corporation’s National Advisory Board devoted to health care services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Robin Remsburg received the 2008 National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA) Distinguished Service Award at the NGNA annual meeting in Albuquerque in November.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Karen Bune, Administration of Justice, gave a speech titled “Marital Privilege Law Sends the Wrong Message” at the Into the Light conference on domestic violence for Domestic Violence Awareness Month at Hood College in Frederick, Md., on Oct. 10.

Tamara Harvey, English, published a book titled “Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas, 1633-1700” as a part of the Women and Gender in the Early Modern World series.

Edward Maibach, Communication, gave a seminar titled “Communication and Marketing as Climate Change Intervention Assets: A Public Health Perspective” at Johns Hopkins University in October.

Carol Mattusch, History and Art History, gave the annual John and Helen Collis Lecture titled “Greek Bronze Statuary: The Birth of the Classical Style” at the Cleveland Museum of Art in October.

Russell Roberts, Economics, published an op-ed titled “How Government Stoked the Mania” in the Wall Street Journal on Oct. 3.

Rick Shenkman, History and Art History, gave a speech titled “Election 2008: How Will You Decide?” at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., in October.

Faye Taxman, Administration of Justice, was awarded the American Society of Criminology, Division of Corrections and Sentencing’s 2008 Senior Scholar Award.

David Weisburd, Administration of Justice, was awarded the Joan McCord Award from the Academy of Experimental Criminology.

College of Science

Lee Talbot, Environmental Science and Policy, was awarded the Explorers Club Medal for 2009. This is the highest recognition of the Explorers Club and is awarded annually for “extraordinary contributions directly in the field of exploration, scientific research or to the welfare of humanity.”

Lakshmi Matukumalli, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, was on a research team that won a 2008 ARS Technology Transfer Award, which is given annually by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service to recognize individuals or groups who have done outstanding work in transferring technology to the marketplace. Matukumalli and his team’s research is said to be “revolutionizing genetic improvement and genomics research in cattle.”

Chris Parsons, Environmental Science and Policy, was invited to give a presentation on the science behind the whale and military sonar issue to the Environmental Law Institute’s Endangered Environmental Laws Program in Washington, D.C. Parsons also co-wrote a paper advising caution when policy-makers use captive marine mammal studies to make policy decisions related to underwater noise in the international journal Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Susan Allen Nan published three letters to the editor: “Slogan Diplomacy” in the Washington Times on Oct. 5; “To End a Way” in the Economist’s online inbox; and “U.S. Should Send Aid to Both South Ossetia and Georgia” in the Christian Science Monitor on Oct. 9.

Michael Shank published an op-ed titled “Talking with the Taliban” in the Guardian on Oct. 14.


Rick Davis, Office of the Provost, Donna Fox, University Life, and Janice Sutera, University Career Services, were inducted in September as distinguished members of Mason’s National Society of Collegiate Scholars for commitment to the ideals of scholarship, leadership and service.

Laurie Schintler, School of Public Policy, gave a presentation titled “The Spatio-Temporal Complexity of the U.S. Housing Market,” based on an article written with Roger Stough, Office of the Provost, and their colleagues, at the 2008 European Regional Science Conference in Liverpool, U.K., on Aug. 29.

Robinson Professors

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, was named the 2009 recipient of the Distinguished Public Service Medal of the Mineralogical Society of America for his efforts in public outreach. The medal will be awarded at the 2009 Geological Society of American meeting in Portland, Ore. In addition, as a Sigma Xi Distinguished Public Lecturer, Hazen presented lectures on various themes related to origins of life, evolution and mineralogy at Penn State in September, and Norwich University and the College of William and Mary in October.

School of Management

Jesse Bockstedt, Information Systems and Operations Management, and his colleagues won the best practitioner paper at the 2008 Frontiers in Service conference hosted by the University of Maryland for the paper titled “Optimal Staffing at Multiple Locations for a Multi-Skill Service Provider.”

Stephen Christophe, Finance, gave a presentation titled “Informed Trading Before Analyst Downgrades: Evidence from Short Sellers” at the Financial Management Association Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas.

Catherine Cramton and Matthew Cronin, Management, presented a paper titled “Triangulation Processes” at the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research Conference in Kansas City, Mo., in July.

Gerald Hanweck, Finance, presented a paper titled “Subprime Mortgage Default Rates by Metropolitan Area: An Analysis of Origination Vintages and Projection for 2007” at the Financial Management Association’s Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, in October.

Richard Klimoski, dean, co-chaired a session titled “Evidence-Based Practice in I/O – Lessons for Other Psychology Disciplines?” at the American Psychological Association Convention in Boston.

David Kravitz, Management, served as the Professional Development Workshop Chair for the 2008 Academy of Management meeting in August.

Yan Ling, Management, and coauthors recently published an article titled “The Impact of Transformational CEOs on the Performance of Small- to Medium-Sized Firms: Does Organizational Context Matter?” in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Kevin F. McCrohan and James Harvey, Marketing, recently published an article titled “Current Issues in the Role of Technology in Emerging Market Strategy” in the Journal of Transnational Management, Volume 13.

Kumar Mehta, Information Systems and Operations Management, organized a session on Business Applications of Data Mining at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., in October.

Sarah Nutter, Accounting, served as a moderator at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif., in August.

Mikhail Pevzner, Accounting, served as a discussant at the Pension Concurrent Session for the 2008 American Accounting Association Meeting in Los Angeles.

Ritesh Saini, Marketing, presented papers titled “Relative Thinking in Price Comparisons: The Role of Affect, Processing-Style & Intuition” and “Is This Deal Worth My Time?” at the Association for Consumer Research in San Francisco in October.

George Wang, Finance, and coauthors published a chapter titled “Managed Futures” in the book “Advances in International Investments: Traditional and Alternative Approaches.”

Paige Wolf, Management, and coauthors published an article titled “Human Resource Issues in Outsourcing: Integrating Research and Practice” in the fall issue of Human Resource Management. Wolf also presented an article titled “Multisourcing: A New Governance Paradigm for Making Shared Services Really Work” at the 18th Annual Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg, Va., in October.

School of Public Policy

Jack A. Goldstone participated on a panel during the sixth annual session of the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations, which was held on the Greek island of Rhodes Oct. 9–13. The main topic for discussion was the dialogue community as a model of contemporary development.

Kingsley Haynes gave a presentation titled “The Knowledge Network and Learning in a Competitive Environment: A Regional Perspective with Simulation” during the fourth annual Arthur Getis Lecture in Spatial Analysis at San Diego State University on Oct. 3.

Arnauld Nicogossian participated on the panel Future of Science and Technology Policy during the Forum on the Presidential Election held at the National Press Club on Sept. 26. The forum was hosted by the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in collaboration with the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and the Society for Industrial Microbiology.

Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering

Sushil Jajodia, Center for Secure Information Systems, and colleagues edited the “Proceedings of the 13th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security” and the “Proceedings of the IFIP TC 11 23rd International Information Security Conference.” In addition, Jajodia published several articles: “On the impact of user movement simulations in the evaluation of LBS privacy-preserving techniques” with Sergio Mascetti and Claudio Bettini, Center for Secure Information Systems, and colleagues in the “Proceedings of the International Workshop on Privacy in Location-Based Applications;” “A multi-path approach for k-anonymity in mobile hybrid networks” with Angelos Stavrou, Computer Science, and colleagues in the “Proceedings of the International Workshop on Privacy in Location-Based Applications”; “Securely computing an approximate median in wireless sensor networks” with Sanjeev Setia, Computer Science, and colleagues in the “Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SecureComm); “Simulatable binding: Beyond simulatable auditing” with Lei Zhang, Center for Secure Information Systems, and Alexander Brodsky, Computer Science; and “How anonymous is k-anonymous? Look at your quasi-ID” with Claudio Bettini, Center for Secure Information Systems, and a colleague in the “Proceedings of the 5th VLDB Workshop on Secure Data Management Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 5159”; and “Model-based covert timing channels: Automated modeling and evasion” with Duminda Wijesekera, Computer Science, and colleagues in the “Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection.”

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