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Posted: February 29, 2008 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Monday, Feb. 25, DoubleThink

The Virginia School

“Northern Virginia’s George Mason University was once known mainly as a commuter school, but its economics department has risen to national prominence in part because of the two Nobels awarded to faculty members in the past 20 years, and also because of its brand of ‘interesting economics,’ which has helped make it one of the most-quoted economics departments in the world.”

Wednesday, Feb. 27, Washington Post

In a Va. Lab, Forging Links to Speed Cancer Advances

“For Virginia officials, who have spent $5 million luring talent from Bethesda’s National Institutes of Health and paying for the work, the goal also is to make the region west of the Potomac River a national biotech player. The aggressive strategy…has quietly pieced together a network organizers hope will allow them to leapfrog the bureaucracies of better-known research institutions to speed discoveries and get personalized treatment to patients quickly. ‘The blank slate we were given didn’t exist anywhere else,’ said Lance Liotta, former chief of pathology at the National Cancer Institute, who along with Emanuel Petricoin, a former senior researcher at the Food and Drug Administration, and an eight-person research group was recruited to George Mason in 2005.”

Wednesday, Feb. 27, NPR: News and Notes

Professor Turns ‘Gang Leader for a Day’

Michael Fauntroy, assistant professor of public policy at Mason, was a guest on NPR: News and Notes, hosted by Farai Chideya. “The Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, praises Barack Obama, and internal struggles at the NAACP threaten the group’s future,” Chideya said. “Minister Farrakhan has been a bit of a third rail in racial politics. How should Sen. Obama have played his cards? I mean he’s going to definitely tick off some people who don’t want him to appear to kowtow to mainstream opinion.” “Farai, it’s as if you were reading my mind,” Fauntroy said. “You know, Farrakhan is radioactive, even after all these years, and I think that the controversy around these comments sort of underscores all of that. As I see it, Barack Obama, in my opinion, has been allowed to run a de-racialized campaign, which I completely understand given the nature of American politics.”

Wednesday, Feb. 27, Wall Street Journal

Before Goldwater or Reagan, There Was Buckley

“George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen, on Marginal Revolution: ‘I never considered myself a Buckleyite conservative but as a kid I was much taken by his show “Firing Line.” It is the first time I was exposed to Hayek (I recall that Buckley blew apart his critique of social justice with a single question), or for that matter Milton Friedman, or for that matter Johann Sebastian Bach.’”

Thursday, Feb. 28, Washington Post

Va. Colleges Reach Out to Silent Victims of Sexual Assault

“About 100 people come into Connie Kirkland’s office at George Mason University each year to talk about being raped, stalked or abused. For Kirkland, the college’s director of Sexual Assault Services, that number is both too high and too low. Each case is a wrenching trauma, but many other victims are keeping quiet. The number of people who come to her office is ‘minimal compared to how many are actually assaulted or stalked,’ Kirkland said. Kirkland and her colleagues at George Mason and other Virginia universities have taken on dual roles as counselors and campaigners, updating and offering strategies to help students reduce the risk of being assaulted or threatened, and helping those who have been victimized.”

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