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This Month in the Community…

December 23, 2003

Following are members of the George Mason community who made presentations to community groups in December as part of the University Speakers Bureau. For more information on participating in the Speakers Bureau, call (703) 993-8693.

Wireless Expanding at George Mason

December 23, 2003

With the imminent finalization of a new policy on wireless networking on George Mason campuses, the university is expecting an explosion of this new technology, according to Information Technology Unit (ITU) staff. At a recent town hall meeting, members of the ITU staff presented the policy for discussion and outlined procedures for units to employ wireless networking.

University Closes for Winter Holiday

December 23, 2003

George Mason will be closed for the winter holiday from 11 p.m. today until 6 a.m., Monday, Jan. 5, 2004, the official holiday period as granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Academic buildings on the Fairfax Campus, with the exception of David King Hall, Science and Tech I, Science and Tech II, and Robinson Hall, will be locked down during this time.

Emergency Response Team Puts Aid First on Campus

December 22, 2003

For several years, programs like Virginia Corps, which links citizens to a wide variety of volunteer efforts, have been essential in helping people make a difference in their community. Now at George Mason, a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is in the process of forming to provide another level of volunteer help in case of a crisis.

For One Studio Fundamentals Class, Cardboard Is the Medium

December 22, 2003

Last semester, a house was constructed outside the Performing Arts Building made entirely of cardboard, postconsumer plastics, and wooden pallets–materials normally considered disposable. This was the Corrugated Habitat project, the brainchild of Art and Visual Technology (AVT) students and their professor Morgan Kennedy.

Poll Results Reveal Favorite George Mason Perk, Best Place to Get Coffee

December 22, 2003

Sixty (49 from the Fairfax Campus, 6 from Prince William, and 5 from Arlington) George Mason faculty and staff members responded to the Daily Gazette’s first five-question survey distributed last week. The questions were designed to learn more about the university and its employees.

George Mason Achieves National Rankings in Study Abroad Participants

December 19, 2003

George Mason University is 2nd in the nation among doctoral institutions in total number of students that participate in study abroad programs, according to the Institute of International Education (IIE).

This Week in the News…

December 19, 2003

Following are highlights of national news coverage George Mason received during the past week:

Nightingale at Center for the Arts This Weekend

December 19, 2003

Imagine all the riches the world surrounding you: diamonds, gold, expensive cloth, and other such delights. Imagine that your servants and courtiers fawned over your every whim and praised you for days on end. That is the life that our emperor lives. He believes that he is the wisest person in the world until the emperor of Japan challenges his world with…a nightingale.

Picture This…

December 18, 2003

The chocolate fountain was a big hit at George Mason's annual holiday party Tuesday.