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Little Italies and Tastes of Japan Immerse Students in Foreign Language Communities

May 18, 2009

Italian flag

Little Italies and Tastes of Japan are two separate eight-week summer courses aimed at helping students, with little or no exposure to Italian or Japanese, complete their foreign language requirement in one summer.

Japanese flag

Mason on Cutting Edge in Offering Renewable Energy Program

May 15, 2009

Economists say there are many businesses that are virtually recession-proof, namely the health care, education, energy, environmental and security industries.


Inventive Engineering Class Broadens Perspective

April 29, 2009

Earlier this semester, Tomasz Arciszewski, professor in the Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Department, hosted a collaborative lecture with the University of Maryland to further educate students on TRIZ, a tool that solves inventive problems.

Lights, Camera, Action!

April 21, 2009

A full-time news editor and cameraman at one of the largest television networks, NBC, Don Stumpo still finds time to bring his knowledge and experience to Mason as a part-time communication faculty member.

MBA Students Visit the ‘Oracle of Omaha’

April 20, 2009

Given the state of today’s economy and job market, a few names come to mind when thinking of people from whom to seek advice. World renowned investor, businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffett tops the list for most.

Mason Art Educators Collaborate with Smithsonian American Art Museum

April 7, 2009

Renee Sandell’s class, Teaching Critical Response to Art, Pre-K to 12, continues to offer future art educators the opportunity to step outside the classroom for a different kind of art teaching experience.

MAT class

More Than Meets the Eye: New Forensics Program Debuts

February 24, 2009

Popular television shows like “Law and Order,” “CSI” and “Bones” seem to have caused a buzz around the field of forensic science.

Acknowledging that this field is increasingly popular, Mason turned to the professional forensic community for help, guidance and support in creating a new program to meet students’ needs.

Bill Whildin, senior medicolegal investigator in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Fairfax, contributed his ideas and suggestions when Mason decided to offer a Graduate Certificate in Forensics for the first time this spring.

Learning Across Cultures: Disciplines Unite to Create Shared Opportunity

February 4, 2009

Being able to communicate effectively across differences of age, gender, language, culture and political orientation is a highly useful skill. Just as important is the ability to understand culture and its influence on our perspectives.

Students were given the opportunity to learn these essentials when the undergraduate Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program and the English Language Institute partnered last fall.

Dialogue and Difference class

Language Study Offers Multidimensions

January 23, 2009

For students interested in learning another language, studying the language of their ancestors or becoming familiar with ancient cultures, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers a wide array of choices.

Frankenstein as Deadbeat Dad: Literature Complements Health Science Courses

December 17, 2008

James Metcalf

According to James Metcalf, Victor Frankenstein is “the ultimate deadbeat dad.” And who could argue with him? After all, the protagonist in Mary Shelley’s 18th-century novel essentially abandons the very creature he brought into existence.