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Commonwealth of Virginia to Celebrate 400th Anniversary

October 21, 2005

In 2007, the Commonwealth of Virginia will celebrate its 400th anniversary with events, national and international programs and other activities designed to inspire new economic development and renewed historical awareness of Virginia as the birthplace of modern America and the cradle of American democracy.

Off the Clock: Prof Is Changing Her World, One Commute at a Time

June 15, 2005

By Laura Jeffrey

When it comes to physical fitness, some people just talk the talk. They say they will move more, but then find so many reasons not to. Then there are those who walk the walk—or in the case of Karen Schlauch, they bike.

Off the Clock: Language Professor Creates Toy Stories with Photos

May 19, 2005

By Tara Laskowski

At first glance it looks like a beach vacation photo—seagulls swarming in a blue sky above a crashing ocean, while sunbathers lounge lazily on the sand. A closer look reveals the closest seagull is not actually real, but a toy positioned to blend in carefully with the natural scene.

Off the Clock: Bowman Joins Elite Group of Blood Donors

May 17, 2005

By Lori Jennings

On Nov. 22, 2004, Gary Bowman, customer service leader in Mason’s Mail Services Center, received a special blue jacket from Inova Blood Donor Services for completing his 150th platelet donation. Today, Bowman continues this valuable service, donating a triple batch—thanks to his size and good health—every two weeks at the Woodburn Donor Center in Annandale. With every single donation helping three people, Bowman directly affects the lives of almost 20 people every month.

Off the Clock: ITU Tech Publishes Book of Poetry

April 21, 2005

By Carrie Lake

Faculty members are not the only Mason employees publishing their work these days. Teresa Scott, a field services engineer for the Information Technology Unit, recently published a collection of poetry titled Inspired by the Heart.

Off the Clock: Roger Lathbury’s Book Collection Keeps Turning Pages

January 6, 2005

By Tara Laskowski

By day, he’s a professor of literature, lecturing on the romanticism of F. Scott Fitzgerald or the fine points of professional editing. But at night, Roger Lathbury peruses used book stores, surfs the Internet for rare finds, and has been willing to meet dealers in seedy bars—all in the sport of collecting rare books.

Off the Clock: Friedley Hosts Teenagers in Northern Ireland Friendship Project

December 22, 2004

By Megan McDonnell

Over the summer of 2002, Sheryl Friedley, professor in the Department of Communication, hosted two girls as part of the Children’s Friendship Project of Northern Ireland (CFPNI). The program brings 100 to 150 teenagers from Northern Ireland each year to spend four to six weeks with host families in the United States. The teenagers—one Roman Catholic and one Protestant—are paired together to give them a chance at “finding out what it is like to have more in common than not,” according to Friedley.

Off the Clock: For Mason Economics Professor, Good Ethnic Meals Make the Grade

December 21, 2004

By Tara Laskowski

For 14 years, economics professor Tyler Cowen has eaten his way to local fame. Hidden among the nooks and crannies of the George Mason web server is his tasty treat—the most extensive ethnic restaurant guide in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area.

Off the Clock: Linehan Has Found a Gem of a Hobby

November 18, 2004

By Colleen Kearney Rich

It began innocently enough. Tere Linehan was just window-shopping at Tysons Corner and lingered a little too long in front of a bead store. The cool lime of peridot and the saturated blues of lapis lazuli drew her in. Soon Linehan was enrolled in a bead-stringing class, and the next thing she knew, she was an entrepreneur.

Off the Clock: Weaving an Image of Beauty One Braid at a Time

August 27, 2004

By Rey Banks

Ask Danielle Mincey White which letters behind her name she is most proud of, and you may be surprised by her answer. She holds a BS, an MEd, a PhD, and a LBS (license for braid styling), and it is the latter that brings her some of her greatest satisfaction.