March 2007 Accolades

Posted: March 1, 2007 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Accolades is a monthly column that recognizes the latest achievements of George Mason faculty and staff members.

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Mecca Marsh, associate director of training and programs, Johnson Center and Student Union Operations, was elected the 2007-08 president-elect of the Virginia College Personnel Association (VCPA). She has served on the VCPA Executive Board since 2003.

College of Education and Human Development

David Anderson conducted training in December on communication skills for Vietnamese adults to prepare them to be peer specialists with other Vietnamese elders. The training program is sponsored by Boat People SOS, and is part of the STEP (Survivors of Torture Empowerment Program) initiative.

Paul Bohman gave a webcast sponsored by and Elluminate titled “Systems-Approach Models of Web Accessibility: Because Techniques Are Not Enough” in January. The webcast explored systematic barriers to achieving an accessible web presence in large organizations. He participated in a webcast titled “Cognitive Disabilities and the Web: What We Think We Know” with Clayton Lewis of the University of Colorado at Boulder in January. The webcast was sponsored by the National Center on Disability and Access to Education at Utah State University.

Susan Bon and colleague G.K. LeTendre published an article titled “The School Violence Dilemma: Protecting the Rights of Students with Disabilities While Maintaining Teachers’ Sense of Safety in Schools” in the Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 17 (3), 148-157 (2006).

Bill Brozo published an article titled “Principled Practices for Strategic Teaching” in the January 2007 issue of the international journal Thinking Classroom/Peremena, published in English and Russian.

Michelle Buehl and colleague P.A. Alexander had an article titled “Examining the Dual Nature of Epistemological Beliefs” published in the International Journal of Educational Research, 45, 28-42 (2006).

Rita Chi-Ying Chung and colleagues D.E. Hinton, J. Sinclair and M.H. Pollack published an article titled “The SF-36 among Cambodian and Vietnamese Refugees: An Examination of Psychometric Properties” in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 29(1), 38-45 (2007).

Nada Dabbagh was a keynote speaker at the E-Learning International Conference: Learning Theories vs. Technologies sponsored by Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok. Her speech was titled “E-Learning: A Transformative Approach to Integrating Theory and Technology.”

Maggie Daniels and Carrie Loveless, CEO of Carried Away Events, had their book, “Wedding Planning and Management: Consultancy for Diverse Clients,” published by Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann.

Joe Gagnon and colleague P. Maccini published an article titled “Teacher Use of Empirically-Validated and Standards-Based Instructional Approaches in Secondary Mathematics” in Remedial & Special Education (28), 43-56. Gagnon and colleague B. Bottge published an article titled “Mathematics Instruction in Secondary Interim, Short- and Long-term Alternative Placements” in Preventing School Failure, 51(1), 39-47.

Jack Levy edited with M. Hayden and J.J. Thompson “The Handbook of Research in International Education” (SAGE Publications, 2007).

Alex Pieterse and colleague R.T. Carter published an article titled “An Examination of the Relationship between General Life Stress, Racism-Related Stress and Psychological Health among Black Men” in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, 54, 102-109 (2007). With colleague N.M. Collins, he published an article titled “Critical Incident Analysis Based Learning: An Approach to Training for Active Racial and Cultural Awareness” in the Journal of Counseling and Development, 85, 14-23 (2007).

Sherry Steeley was the keynote speaker in December 2006 at the International English Language Teaching Conference sponsored by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her talk, titled “Learning from the Pakistan Teacher Education and Professional Development Project,” focused on key issues shaping the context for English language teachers in Pakistan, including the transition to an English language-based curriculum, the importance of teacher agency in the change process, and the need for sustained commitment to professional development in the sector.

Candace Strawn contributed chapters titled “The Treatment of Gender Equity in Teacher Education,” “Gender Equity in the Use of Educational Technology” and “Gender Equity in Science, Engineering and Technology” to the Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity through Education, published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Ana Taboada had an article titled “La generación de preguntas y comprensión lectora” (Student Question Generation and Reading Comprehension) published in Lectura y Vida, Revista Latinoamericana de Lectura, 27(4), IRA, International Reading Association (2006).

Charles Thomas and Dimiter Dimitrov had an article titled “Effects of a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program on Teens’ Attitudes toward Sexuality: A Latent Trait Modeling Approach” published in Developmental Psychology (2007), Vol. 43(1), 173-185.

Shelley Wong was elected president-elect of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Inc. She will serve a three-year term on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors beginning this month. Wong and colleague Suhanthie Motha published an article titled “Multilingualism in Post 9-11 U.S. Schools: Implications for Engaging Empire” in Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Jennifer Atkinson, English, just completed a two-week residency at the Vermont Studio Center, an international artists’ and writers’ residency program.

Jo-Marie Burt, Public and International Affairs, wrote the article “‘Quien habla es terrorista’: The Politics of Fear in Fujimori’s Peru,” which was published in the Latin American Research Review 41:3 (October 2006).

Bryan Caplan, Economics, co-wrote the article “Mises, Bastiat, Public Opinion and Public Choice” with Edward Stringham of San Jose State University that won a $25,000 first-place article award in the 2006 Templeton Enterprise Awards competition. The awards recognize scholars under the age of 40 who have produced the best books and articles in the field of humane economics and culture over the past two years. The article appeared in the Review of Political Economy, 2005.

Michael G. Chang, History and Art History, wrote the book “A Court on Horseback: Imperial Touring and the Construction of Qing Rule, 1680-1785” (Harvard University Press, 2007).

Alan Cheuse, English, had an essay, “A Portrait of the Artist Reading ‘A Portrait of the Artist'” in the fall issue of the Sewanee Review.

Alberto Descalzo de Blas, Modern and Classical Languages, had his article, “Aproximación a un estudio comparativo de las artes de predicación españolas,” published in La corónica. A Journal of Medieval Spanish Language, Literature & Cultural Studies, 34.2 (2006): 161-77.

Helon Habila, English, wrote a book, “Measuring Time”(W. W. Norton & Company, 2007), which was reviewed in the Feb. 25 New York Times Book Review.

Koraly Perez-Edgar, Psychology, was selected to be a Blowitz-Ridgeway Investigator for 2007 by the Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation.

John Riskind, Psychology, was appointed to the Executive Board of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. He was also named editor of a new journal, the International Journal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Research and Practice, which will replace the Journal of Cognitive Therapy. The journal will be launched in 2008.

Ming Wan, Public and International Affairs, gave a presentation titled “ Sino-Japanese Relations Under Abe Shinzo and Hu Jintao” at the Henry Jackson School of International Studies of the University of Washington in February.

Robinson Professors

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, gave the keynote lecture at the Origin of Life Symposium held at Harvard University. He wrote an article, “Mineral Surfaces and the Prebiotic Selection and Organization of Biomolecules,” Presidential Address to the Mineralogical Society of America, printed in American Mineralogist, Volume 91, pages 1715-1729, 2006. He also gave the 2007 Walter M. Elsasser Lectures, a series of three lectures, at Johns Hopkins University in February.

Carma Hinton, Robinson Professor of Visual Culture and Chinese Studies, presented her two films, “The Gate of Heavenly Peace” and “Morning Sun,” and lectured on the role of mass movements in 20th Century China under the sponsorship of the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation and Broadcasting Corporation of China (Taiwan) as part of its series of public forums on international affairs at Tsinghua University, Taipei, Taiwan. She was keynote speaker on the theme of Crossing Borders to kick off Bryant University’s International Education Week in Smithfield, RI. She addressed Bryant University’s entire freshmen class in two separate sessions on the topic “What Can We Learn about Ourselves through the Study of China and Its History?” She gave the following lectures at Stanford University in conjunction with the screening of several of her films: “A Visual and Visceral Connection to the Cultural Revolution: Challenges of Putting History on Film” and “House, Home and Family: Traditional Village Culture and Its Fate through Revolution and Reform.”

John Paden, Robinson Professor of International Affairs, lectured on “The Relationship between Democracy and Islam: Religious Identity and the 2007 Nigerian Elections” at the U. S. Department of State Conference on West Africa.

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, lectured on “Why Intelligent Design Should Not Be Taught in the Public Schools” at the University of Pittsburgh Honors Program and on “Science in the Courtroom” at the Louisiana Judicial College/Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel and AEI/Brookings Institution Judicial Education Program.

Roger Wilkins, Robinson Professor of History and American Culture, was appointed to the Library of Congress committee to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. He gave the keynote speech at the black history celebration at the Federal Aviation Administration and was the presenter at the Legacy Tribute Dinner to the Civil Rights Generation, held at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

School of Law

Thomas W. Hazlett had his commentary, “The Global Village and the Madness of E-crowds,” published in the Feb. 5 issue of the Financial Times.

School of Management

Al Baharmast, DMIS, wrote “The Folly of Federated Architecture – A Case Study of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Business Enterprise Architecture,” which was published in the Journal of Enterprise Architecture.

Yvonne Demory, Management, has been appointed to the Fairfax County Board of Equalization, the administrative appellate body for real estate tax assessments. The appointment, made by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, is for two years.

Karen Hallows, Finance, was the faculty facilitator for “Strategic Leadership: Business and the Public Policy Process for MBA Students,” sponsored by the Washington Campus, a consortium of 16 major business schools with the goal of fostering an understanding of the governmental process through education. Sixty-eight students from around the country attended the weeklong leadership conference, which featured sessions on economic policy, trade policy, business-government ethics and monetary policy.

Beth Heinen, Management, wrote a book chapter titled “Team Leadership and Team Effectiveness” for Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches, recently published by Jossey-Bass. In addition, she co-wrote the article, “Work and Family Satisfaction and Conflict: A Meta-Analysis of Cross-domain Relations,” which was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Heinen also presented “The Influence of Work-Family Culture and Climate on Organizational Characteristics and Individual Outcomes: A Multi-Level Study” at the annual Industrial Organizational and Organizational Behavior Conference in Fairfax, Va.

Christopher Joiner, Marketing, wrote a book chapter titled “Concepts and Categorization in Consumer Psychology” for the Handbook of Consumer Psychology, recently published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc.

Min Shen, Accounting, co-presented “Disclosure of Financial Statement Information in Earnings Announcements” at the mid-year meeting of the American Accounting Association’s Financial Accounting and Reporting Section in San Antonio, Tex.

School of Public Policy

Phil Auerswald wrote a letter to the editor, “A model to eradicate false gulf between doing good and doing well,” which was published in the Jan. 26 Financial Times.

Kenneth Button will have five jointly edited volumes, “Planning Models” (with Aura Reggiani and Peter Nijkamp), “Public Facilities Planning” (with Lily Kiminami and Peter Nijkamp), “Regional Planning” (with David Plane, Lawrence D. Mann, and Peter Nijkamp), “Social Planning” (with Jessie P. H. Poon and Peter Nijkamp), and “Transportation Planning” (with Yoram Shiftan and Peter Nijkamp) published between November 2006 and May 2007 by Edward Elgar, Northampton. Button addressed the 17th International Symposium on Transport Economics and Policy in Berlin in November 2006. In December, he addressed airline regulation at the Howe Institute Conference in Toronto.

Brent Eastwood wrote “Energy Conservation Comes of Age” for the Jan. 17 issue of, a new magazine of the American Enterprise Institute.

Stephen Fuller and John McClain presented at the 15th Annual George Mason University Conference on the Greater Washington Area Economy: An Economy in Transition on Jan. 11.

Jonathan Gifford was selected by the Transportation Research Board Executive Committee and the chairman of the National Research Council (NRC) to be chair of the NRC Committee for a Study of Options for Streamlining Standards for Intelligent Transportation Systems. Gifford’s term, which began in December 2006, is for one year.

David Hart gave a seminar at the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy, a unit of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Tokyo. The seminar, which addressed high-skill immigration policy in the United States and seven other industrialized countries, was hosted by the Third Policy-Oriented Research Group.

Jeremy Mayer wrote a new book, “American Media Politics in Transition,” published by McGraw Hill in January 2007. His article, “Fusion is the Ticket for 2008,” was published in The Politico on Jan. 24. Mayer wrote with Kyle Longley, John Sloan, and Michael Schaller, “Deconstructing Reagan: Conservative Mythology and America’s Fortieth President,” a book published by M.E. Sharpe in December 2006.

Mark Rozell presented a paper, “Marriage of Convenience: The Evolution of the Conservative Catholic-Evangelical Alliance,” at the Catholics and Politics conference held at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, in February.

Catherine Rudder became president of the Southern Political Science Association in January.

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