Mira Halilovic Named November Employee of the Month

Posted: November 1, 2006 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Lexi Soya

Name: Mira Halilovic

Number of Years at Mason: 2

Current Position: Payroll Supervisor for the Human Resources Department

What She Does: It is her job to write payroll for all employees, make payroll adjustments, and “solve the everyday challenges connected with payroll and wages.”

Favorite Part of Her Job: The variety in her workday and the people she works with. “There is always some kind of routine, but I always encounter so many different things. I’m never bored, and time just flies. Also, I am so grateful for Cheryl Sims and the amazing HR team. They are very responsible, friendly and knowledgeable.”

Mira Halilovic
Mira Halilovic
Photo by Evan Cantwell

Her Life before Mason: She was born in Bosnia and spent most of her life there. When the war broke out, she fled to Croatia and then to Norway, where she spent four years. Ten years ago she moved to Virginia, and has been here ever since.

Memorable Mason Events That Come to Mind: “The Final Four was absolutely amazing. I recently saw Coach Larranaga speak and it was unbelievable. The Final Four was about so much more than just the game.”

What She Does for Fun: She enjoys painting, likes to walk, and devotes most of her time to family. She also likes to travel. “Last year on our way to see my parents in Croatia we spent three days in Prague. It was beautiful and a nice experience.”

What You Might Not Know about Her: When she came to the United States in 1996, her two daughters were invited to the White House and met the First Lady, Hillary Clinton, in person.

What Others Say about Her:

“Mira is without fail the most dedicated and hardworking employee I have ever supervised. She will go to almost any length to service the employees at Mason. She takes tremendous pride in her work and strives to improve her own job knowledge, knowledge about the school and knowledge about what is happening in the payroll field.”

–Cheryl Sims, Payroll Director

“Mira bends over backwards to make sure that each and every employee is paid accurately and on time. Her position is nonstop, and she is constantly on a deadline. However, she never seems flustered and is always willing to help her colleagues out. No task is too big or too small.”

–Shira Goodfellow, HRIS Interim Supervisor

“Mira is wonderful and a very easy person to work with. She is very conscientious and always keeps my concerns in mind. She is precisely what you want the person processing payroll to be – accurate, extra careful and compassionate.”

–Kenneth Day, Director of Accounting Operations

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