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Posted: June 30, 2006 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national and international news coverage George Mason received during the past week.

Tuesday, June 27,

Lawyers, Activists Question Government’s Case against Alleged Miami Terrorists

“Last week’s news that seven black men had been arrested in Miami on terrorism charges faded from the headlines as quickly as it landed. ‘These guys didn’t have enough money to get to South Beach. How can you have any credible information that these guys posed any threat to any structure anywhere in Chicago, much less the Sears Tower?’ asked Roger Wilkins, a history professor at George Mason University in Virginia and a former assistant attorney general during Pres. Lyndon Johnson’s administration in the 1960s.”

Wednesday, June 28, Guardian Unlimited (U.K.)

Martin Luther King’s Papers Saved from Private Auction

“The documents include telegrams and cancelled [checks], 800 index cards with ideas for sermons, a blue spiral notebook used in a prison cell, and a very early draft of the speech that would move a generation: ‘I have a dream.’ Under an extraordinary deal championed by the mayor of Atlanta, the papers of the late Martin Luther King have been saved from the auctioneer’s gavel. In academic circles, where there had been growing frustration at the limited access granted to King’s papers by his descendants, news of the deal was greeted with relief. ‘It would have been tragic if the papers had been purchased by someone who just didn’t really care about the papers as such, but about the profit he or she could make from them,’ said Roger Wilkins, a professor of American history at George Mason University.”

Wednesday, June 28, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Once Hot, Hip-Hop Has Put Out Its Fire

“I first fell in love with hip-hop while vacationing in New York. The year was 1979. The disco ball was at a standstill, while R&B lingered like stale cigarette smoke. But this! This was funky and fresh. This was ‘Rapper’s Delight’ by the Sugar Hill Gang, featuring a trio of bodacious MCs – Master Gee, Wonder Mike and Big Bank Hank – rhyming over a beat sampled from Chic’s ‘Good Times.’ ‘People see hip-hop more than they listen to it,’ Andrew J. Ryan, professor of hip-hop studies at George Mason University tells me. ‘You take a 108-line song, and six of those lines are bad; people only hear the six lines.’”

Wednesday, June 28,

U.S. Beaten in Brain Game

“America has been skunked in a world computer-programming contest. In April, whiz kids from across the globe gathered in San Antonio, Tex., for the 2006 annual ACM International Collegiate Programming contest, sponsored by IBM. Eighty-three teams were selected from 5,606 teams from 84 countries. After MIT, which ranked in eighth place, only four other American teams made the top 50. The top 10 was dominated by teams from Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia. In fact, Russia had five top-place finishers. This is worse news for a prosperous and powerful America than it may first appear. This, then, is the bad news: ‘If our talent base weakens, our lead in technology, business and economics will fade faster than any of us can imagine,’ warns Richard Florida, a professor at George Mason University and author of ‘The Flight of the Creative Class.’”

Monday, June 26, The New York Sun

Law-Breaking 101

“The South was once famous for ‘massive resistance.’ Now officeholders and civic leaders of the north and west are in the game too, this time to push ‘diversity’ programs in defiance of the law. The American Bar Association, for example, wants to force the nation’s law schools to grant racial preferences in admissions that would clearly violate the law. The ABA amended its standard in the face of criticism, particularly from George Mason law professor David Bernstein, who has been analyzing and protesting the illegal ABA plan for months. Bernstein writes: ‘One thing that continues to amaze me is how major legal institutions, staffed by lawyers who presumably know the law, are consistently willing to brazenly announce their defiance of the law in the name of diversity.’”

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