Students Pack Up, Head Out for Summer Activities

Posted: May 18, 2006 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Nicholas Zinzer

Yesterday was the deadline for students to move out of the Mason residence halls and student apartments for the summer break. For some students, the experience was liberating, for others, it brought on some angst.

Moving out of residence halls
Will it fit or not? In some instances, students had to make hard decisions when it came time to pack up and move out of the residence halls.

“I’m packing mostly clothes, books and office supplies, but I am getting rid of all my calculus notes,” said Rachel Maxam, a sophomore majoring in government and international politics.

Maxam said she is glad to leave for the summer. Her plans for the summer semester break include traveling to her native Colorado as well as spending a month in Argentina to study.

Nicole Cruz, a senior majoring in psychology, found moving out an arduous task. “We have to move out by 12 o’clock [on May 17] and a lot of parents are working and can’t really help us,” said Cruz. To make the move easier, Cruz was hoping for hand trucks and manpower.

Claire Zuskin, who majors in social work, was not moving out of her housing complex for the summer like many of her fellow students. Instead, the junior recently signed a 12-month lease for senior apartments. She must wait one week before she moves in so graduating seniors – who have until May 21 – move out. She will spend a week with her parents in Dallas before she moves in for the summer semester.

Student moving equipment
Electronic equipment was a must-save during move-out.

Zuskin will transfer most of her belongings, although she won’t be taking everything with her. “I went though a lot of my clothes and gave most of it to charity … but kept my electronics, [some] clothes, my shoes and pictures,” said Zuskin.

“So far, the move is really smooth,” said Michael Walker, who is helping his son, Marcus, move out of Liberty Square for the summer. The elder Walker, from Hopewell, Va., was helping his son, a junior majoring in communication, take back “clothes, jewelry, an equalizer and a [music] mixer.” At noon on Tuesday, his Volvo had plenty of room for more stuff.

For more information on housing, contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 703-993-2720.

Students moving out
For some students, moving out was liberating, for others, it was difficult.
Photos by Nicolas Tan

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