George Mason in the News

Posted: April 21, 2006 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national and state news coverage George Mason received during the past week.

Thursday, April 13, (Georgia)

Running Two Ways? With an Eye on the White House,

Virginia’s Sen. Allen Tries to Juggle Two Campaigns at Once

“Virginia Sen. George Allen launched his campaign for re-election Tuesday but refused to say whether he intends to serve a full six-year term. Even as he explores a 2008 Republican presidential bid, Allen tried to dismiss questions about his commitment to the Senate. ‘What I’m focused on is re-election here,’ he told reporters outside a biological research center in Manassas that he helped bring to Virginia as governor in the 1990s. But Mark Rozell, a political analyst at George Mason University who has written about Republican politics in Virginia, said Allen needs to be careful. ‘I think it could hurt him,’ Rozell said.”

Friday, April 14, New York Post

Where the Cell Your At? – New Phones Will Use GPS to Help Parents Track Kids

“A wireless provider has dialed up a high-tech way for parents to track their cell phone-toting children. Sprint yesterday unveiled its ‘Family Locator’ – global-positioning-system technology and a downloadable program that lets parents use their cell phones or computers to pinpoint their kids’ whereabouts. A worried parent can pull up the program and hit the ‘locate’ button – and an electronic ping will be sent from a satellite or cell phone tower to the kid’s phone. Peter Stearns, provost at George Mason University and author of ‘Anxious Parents: A History of Contemporary Child Rearing Styles,’ said the service might be a bad idea for well-behaved teens because it will ‘encourage more anxious parental fussing, and it suggests a lack of trust.’ He said some kids might outsmart the device – which can’t locate phones unless they’re on – by turning them off.”

Saturday, April 15, The Virginian-Pilot

After Slump, Colleges See Rise in Foreign Applications

“After a post-Sept. 11 slump, foreign students are showing renewed interest in U.S. colleges. Nationwide, the number is up 11 percent, according to the Council of Graduate Schools, based in Washington. Among large Virginia universities, George Mason registered the biggest growth in graduate-school applications from foreign students. The number jumped 45 percent – from 893 in mid-March 2005 to 1,299 the same time this year.”

Tuesday, April 18, Chicago Tribune

Bush Eyes Shake-Up in Cabinet, Not Policy

“Word from the White House Monday was that a shake-up of major personnel is imminent. New senior staff members are expected to be named soon, one Cabinet secretary is rumored to be on his way out and the clamor for another to step down is growing. But experts said they don’t foresee significant changes in policy. And unless one of the new faces is a jarring choice, the adjustments are unlikely to give President Bush’s ailing poll numbers a strong boost. The furor over the tenure of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reiterates that point, said James Pfiffner, professor of public policy at George Mason University. ‘The Iraq war policy is Bush’s policy. The president made the decisions, and his secretary carried them out.’”

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