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Posted: April 14, 2006 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national and international news coverage George Mason received during the past week.

Sunday, April 2,

Immigration Battle Has Implications for GOP’s Future

“The furor over immigration that is raging in Congress, on radio talk shows, on cable TV shoutfests, and in the conservative blogosphere is actually a high-stakes duel over the image and direction of the Republican Party. Last November, it happened again. Jerry Kilgore, the GOP candidate for governor of Virginia, ran harsh anti-immigrant TV ads in his bid to rally the conservative base–and was trounced anyway. ‘He had his head handed to him,’ said Mark Rozell, a political analyst based at George Mason University in Virginia. ‘The lesson was that the real core of the conservative base is not big enough to win elections, even in a red state. Kilgore lost suburban counties that Republicans never lose. An anti-immigrant message turns off voters in the middle. So Republicans will have to think seriously about how they handle this issue.’”

Thursday, April 6, Wall Street Journal Online

The Guilted Age: How to Convert Guilt into a Productive Emotion

“Who can prevent forest fires? Only you. Smokey the Bear’s admonition, first delivered in 1944, seems quaint given the guilt trips Americans are sent on today. It’s problematic if you succumb to ‘every little guilt message’ in our culture, says June Tangney, a psychology professor at George Mason University who studies guilt and shame. However, it’s useful to feel guilty when you’ve actually done something wrong, especially if you make amends. ‘People who feel guilty feel bad about what they’ve done,’ Dr. Tangney says. ‘People who feel shame feel bad about themselves. They

think: ‘I’m a bad person.’”

Friday, April 7, Good Morning America

The Great American Guilt Trip: Why Guilt Is Good for You

“A love for gas-guzzling cars, shirking family responsibilities, indulging in calorie-laden desserts – there seem to be endless reasons to feel guilty these days. But an article from the Wall Street Journal reports that guilt is actually good for you. ‘It really causes us to stand up and take notice and make amends,’ June Tangney, a psychology professor at George Mason University who specializes in guilt and shame, said to ‘Good Morning America.’ ‘It pushes you to do the right thing, to confess, to apologize, to make amends for the problems you’ve created.”

Tuesday, April 11, (N.C.)

College Grads Flock to Big Cities, Raleigh Area Good Example of the Trend

“College graduates are flocking to America’s big cities, chasing jobs and culture and driving up home prices. Though many of the largest cities have lost population in the past three decades, nearly all have added college graduates, an analysis by The Associated Press found. Cities that want to increase their pool of skilled labor need to foster an environment that welcomes outsiders, including immigrants and people from elsewhere in the U.S., said Richard Florida, professor of public policy at George Mason University. ‘You know what they say, they say we want our kids back. We want them to stop leaving,’ Florida said, paraphrasing leaders of many depressed cities. ‘What they don’t say is that they want other people’s kids to move there.’”

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