Outsourcing Book Gets Media Buzz

Posted: October 11, 2005 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Maura Kelly

Ron Hira
Ron Hira

A new book written by Ron Hira, MS Computer and Electrical Engineering ’92 and PhD Public Policy ‘02, and his brother Anil, a political scientist at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, has received considerable media attention since its release last May.

Titled “Outsourcing America: What’s Behind Our National Crisis and How Can We Reclaim American Jobs?” (AMACOM, 2005) the book looks at the practice and impact of outsourcing, or sending American jobs to other countries—a hot topic in the United States.

Reviewing the book in the Washington Post, Jonathan Krim wrote, “Is the shortage of U.S. students trained in computer engineering attributable to many of them avoiding the discipline as those jobs are sent overseas at lower wages? This is one of many intriguing questions posed by university professors Ron Hira and Anil Hira in ‘Outsourcing America.’…. As a primer on the wrenching outsourcing debate, the book is thorough and easy to grasp.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts, writing in The Washington Times, called the book “important” and “a powerful work.” Kimberly Blanton had this to say in a Boston Globe review: “For those who blame offshoring for eroding U.S. living standards, the first step is getting Congress to notice. The plight of U.S. employees apparently isn’t enough. Perhaps the disturbing future portrayed in this book will get their attention.”

Ron Hira, a public policy professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, has appeared on television outlets such as Lou Dobbs’ CNN show and on more than 30 radio programs around the country to discuss his book. When he was recently interviewed for the Sunday Business section of the New York Times, Hira said, “There’s nothing that can be done to stop [outsourcing]. The question is, how do we adapt to it and deal with the negative effects? Nobody has done anything on the policy front. We’ve more or less ignored it. We need to take some steps to deal with this new reality.”


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