George Mason in the News

Posted: July 15, 2005 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are excerpts of national news coverage George Mason received during the past week.

Friday, July 8, Dallas Voice

Justice’s Retirement Raises Concerns for Right and Left

“Her retirement, announced July 1, shook up the world of Supreme Court lawyers who prepared cases with O’Connor in mind. ‘She was widely viewed as the key by experienced and successful litigators. They’ll have to figure some other way to win their cases,’ said Nelson Lund, a George Mason University law professor and former clerk to O’Connor.”

Monday, July 11, CNN: Lou Dobbs Tonight

Susan Tolchin, George Mason School of Public Policy: ‘We have never had a policy about what strategic industries, materials we want to keep in this country, and we’ve never had a policy about what kinds of countries or how foreign investment relates to our independence of movement with regard to foreign policy.'”

Tuesday, July 12, Washington Post

Spending on Regulation Keeps Growing

“The Mercatus Center at George Mason University, a market-based institution that tracks issues of regulatory policy and expenditures, and the Weidenbaum Center at Washington University in St. Louis, which has been assessing agency budgets since 1977, recently issued a report that estimates how much of agency budgets and staffing goes to writing and enforcing regulations, to get a sense of the robustness of the rulemaking establishment.”

Thursday, July 14, CNN

Do Cigarette Taxes Really Work?

“Economist Richard E. Wagner of George Mason University contends that when a state’s cigarette tax is significantly higher than a readily available alternative source, it is counterproductive in more ways than one. In ‘State Excise Taxation: Horse-and-Buggy Taxes in an Electronic Age,’ Wagner argues that a high cigarette tax: ‘Pushes smokers to cross state lines to purchase cigarettes or to break the law by buying them underground, reduces taxable sales and therefore state coffers, and discriminates against low-income smokers.’”

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