George Mason in the News

Posted: July 8, 2005 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national and international news coverage George Mason received during the past week.

Friday, July 1,

Federal Spending Increases Boost Regional Economy

“A report by George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis says the federal government gave the Washington region an economic shot in the arm last year by spending 50 (B) billion dollars on contracts. Center director Stephen Fuller says Fairfax County leads the way when it comes to federal contracts. County contractors got more than 16 (B) billion dollars last year and the spending helped in the creation of more than 64 thousand jobs in 2004. Overall, George Mason says contracts were up 18 percent in the region–much higher than the overall nationwide federal spending increase of 10 percent.”

Saturday, July 2,

First Woman on Top Court Steps Down

“A former law clerk of Justice O’Connor, Nelson Lund, now a law professor at George Mason University, said that while she did not have as theoretical an approach to the law as Mr. Bork, she was ‘extraordinarily influential during her time on the court.’”

Sunday, July 3, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Media Retreat Re-Educates This Little Lost Lamb

“For instance, professor Russell Roberts of George Mason told us that Wal-Mart is good. This was in response to a comment about a U.S. company that sold stuff to Wal-Mart and was pressured to the point of bankruptcy. Or maybe the company survived but only because it laid off its U.S. workers and sent their jobs overseas. Either way, it made good economic sense, said Roberts. Difficult for the people who lost their jobs, but think of the people who were forced off the family farm 70 years ago, he said. That was also difficult.”

Tuesday, July 5, The News Journal (Delaware)

Foreign Investment in U.S. Not New

“An Asian buyer makes a surprise offer to purchase a high-profile U.S. asset. Members of Congress line up to denounce the transaction, warning of threats to the nation’s economic independence. ‘People were afraid the Rockettes would have to wear kimonos,’ recalled Susan Tolchin, a political scientist at George Mason University. Tolchin, author of Buying Into America, a 1988 book that predicted dire consequences of foreign investment, said reasoned criticism during that period was often overshadowed by hysteria.”

Thursday, July 7, BusinessWire

Siemens to Help George Mason University Save $15 Million in Energy Costs

“Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., and George Mason University have reached agreement on a 15-year energy performance contract that will save Virginia’s largest state university a minimum of $1 million per year in energy costs. Performance contracts typically allow a customer to purchase a systems upgrade or service that pays for itself over time, with no upfront costs. The savings in energy and operating costs fund the building improvements and financing costs over a specified term, and the savings are guaranteed on an annual basis.”

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