Anderson Is Employee of the Month for December

Posted: December 1, 2004 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Fran Rensbarger

Nikkia Anderson, December’s Employee of the Month, is the program support technician and administrative assistant for the Center for Service and Leadership (CSL) in New Century College (NCC). She serves as office manager—ordering supplies, keeping budgets, helping customers, and supervising the student staff. She is also the program coordinator, doing logistical planning and implementation for the programs managed by the center, including Emerging Leaders, Hunger Banquet, and AIDS Walk. In addition, she facilitates two sections of University 100.

“The thing I like the most [about my job] is the feeling that I am making a difference,” says Anderson. “The programs that CSL sponsors are focused on social justice and leadership. We try to bring to light issues that people may or may not be aware of that are affecting their local community and the world. We also encourage students to become leaders within their community.” She adds, “It is great to know that you helped to enhance their education, but sad to lose such committed and excited students.”

Before becoming a classified staff member, Anderson worked part-time as an undergraduate student assistant in CSL and coordinated many of the leadership and service programs. “She continues to be an integral and valued staff member in CSL, and provides support and assistance to faculty, staff, and students in NCC,” says Lynn Hertrick Leavitt, director of CSL. “Anderson consistently goes above and beyond her job description in order to effectively manage our student-centered, frequently hectic office. Examples include coming to work early, staying late, and working on weekends—without being asked or monetarily compensated—to ensure that CSL’s programs run smoothly and that our student assistants have what they need to experience success when facilitating those programs.”

She also learns new software packages and administrative programs on her own time and initiative, and always demonstrates a positive attitude, helpful demeanor, and is a team player who “provides a sense of calmness and stability during busy and stressful times,” says Leavitt.

The view from the faculty is that Anderson “is not only highly efficient and proactive, but she is always courteous, pleasant, and consistently good-humored, even in the busiest of times,” says Ashley T. Williams, visiting assistant professor, Integrative Studies. “Her sense of humor eases stressful situations, and her tact is a model for those around her. Her astute observations and sound judgment are valued by all who work with her; not surprisingly, she is also a fine mentor to the student workers in the center. It is a real measure of her ability and dedication, however, that faculty, as well as students, seek her out as a source of information and perception.”

Anderson chose to work at Mason because she loves the campus. “There is nothing quite like it. It is beautiful,” she says. Although she enjoyed internships and work experiences outside Mason, right after graduation she was hired by the Office of Continuing Professional Education in Herndon as a program manager for contract training. “But as soon as I saw a full-time position open up in CSL, I applied, and here I am!”

Anderson earned a BS in Integrative Studies with a concentration in marketing and a certificate in leadership studies. She is working on a master’s degree in instructional technology in the Graduate School of Education. “My main outside hobby is cooking, and one day I hope to go to culinary school. In the future, I would also like to open my own business, incorporating leadership training and instructional technology.”

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