McDonnell Is October Employee of the Month

Posted: September 1, 2004 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Fran Rensbarger

Robert McDonnell, the course ratings processor for Institutional Research and Reporting (IRR), is the Employee of the Month for October. He is responsible for the university’s faculty instruction rating, from preparing and distributing the forms-more than 35,000 packages each semester-to collecting them, scanning them, and generating the summary reports. Accuracy and timeliness within tight deadlines is a necessity in his job.

“Mr. McDonnell has done a superb job in meeting the deadlines and project requirements,” says his supervisor, Meihua Zhai, director of IRR. She says she nominated McDonnell because of his devotion and dedication to his job.

“This is a constant process throughout the year,” says Michael Wood, associate director of IRR. “This means handling more than 100,000 sheets multiple times in the course of a year. It also means being responsive to the needs of faculty members who may need the forms early, left them at home on the last day of class and need a new packet, or whose class was misclassified in the system, and whose forms went somewhere else.” Summer session presents a special challenge, says Wood, since the classes are staggered. During breaks between sessions, McDonnell structures and edits the office newsletter.

McDonnell has worked at Mason for more than four years. Before joining the university, he processed personal property taxes for Fairfax County for about three years.

“My co-workers are a great bunch to work with every day,” McDonnell says. “They make coming to work day in and day out a lot easier.”

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