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Posted: September 3, 2004 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Sunday, Aug. 29, The New York Times

When Beauty and Value Are in the Beholder’s Eyes

“Like Professor Moses, Tyler Cowen is both an academic and an art aficionado. He teaches economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and collects Mexican paintings done on amate, or bark paper. Professor Cowen figures he has spent more than $100,000 on art, including his roughly 200 amate paintings, since the early 90’s. If he had to liquidate his collection tomorrow, he said, he suspects he would get only about half his money back. ‘There are only so many buyers for a given set of works, and they’re not all sitting ready to spend money on you,’ he said.”

Tuesday, Aug. 31, Reuters News

U.S. Conservatives Take Back Seat at Republican Convention

Mark Rozell, a political scientist with George Mason University, said that in many ways the image the Republicans were presenting to the country was misleading. ‘It’s not an accurate picture of the Republican Party, which has become an overwhelmingly conservative party with a relatively smaller number of moderates,’ he said. ‘But conservatives know they have the president with them on most of the major issues and they don’t need the symbolism of having speakers at the convention,’ he said.”

Wednesday, Sept. 1, USA Today

Without Crucial Feature, What Will New Windows Do?

“‘Anyway, Microsoft has now created a new problem for itself. WinFS was made out by Microsoft to be the distinguishing feature of Longhorn. Taking WinFS out of Longhorn is sort of like Boeing in the 1950s saying, “Nah, we’ll stick with propellers for the 707. Jets are too hard.” ‘They’ll now have a greater challenge in communicating what Longhorn actually is and what is its relationship to XP,’ says J.P. Auffret, professor of technology management at George Mason University in Virginia.”

Saturday, Aug. 28, Newsday

GOP: Protests are Kerry’s Fault

“But academic experts on politics and dissent say that if there is serious trouble in New York, or even if there is limited trouble that is closely followed by a press bored by proceedings inside Madison Square Garden, the Kerry campaign could suffer. ‘If they get headlines about New York City and violent demonstrations against Bush and pictures of radical hippies and yippies, he wins and the scheduling of New York City looks like counterintuitive brilliance,’ said Jeremy Mayer, a public policy professor at George Mason University in Virginia. ‘George Bush would much rather run against a mob of demonstrators than John Kerry the Vietnam veteran.'”

Sunday, Aug. 29, Concord Monitor

Boys Trail Girls in Reading

“The reason why the issue may have been neglected for so long may be due to a simple reality. Despite the tremendous strides women have made toward gaining equal opportunity, men continue to dominate business and civic life in the industrialized world. Indeed, William Brozo, a professor of literacy in the graduate school of education at Virginia’s George Mason University who has spent years studying the problem, said some of his feminist friends have questioned the motives behind his research. ‘We’re not necessarily trying to elevate boys’ reading achievement so they can continue to dominate the political and corporate institutions of the world,’ he said. ‘We think of literacy as a way of enriching selfhood. If boys become better, more thoughtful readers, they may become better, more thoughtful men.'”

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