Graduate Students Report High Satisfaction with George Mason Experience

Posted: May 26, 2004 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Christopher Anzalone

More than 91 percent of exiting George Mason graduate and law students said they would recommend the academic programs to which they belonged to others, according to the annual Graduate Student Exit Survey (GES) Report for the 2002-03 academic year. This is the highest percentage in four years.

Newly released by the Office of Institutional Assessment (OIA), the report documents graduates’ views on a variety of topics, including their satisfaction with the education they have received at George Mason. Of the 2,088 graduating students, 1,785 students, or 85 percent, completed the GES. Of these, 78 percent said George Mason was their first choice in graduate institutions.

When evaluating their academic programs, 96 percent of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that their department or program has taught them “a great deal,” with 95 percent sharing the same feelings about the high value of the courses they had taken. Further, 86 percent of respondents said if they were to start over, they would still enroll at George Mason in the same graduate or Law School program, and 91 percent believed their program had prepared them well for a future career.

In regard to the teaching faculty, 93 percent of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that the courses they had taken were well taught, and the same percentage shared the same sentiments when asked whether they believed that the teaching faculty had carefully prepared to teach their graduate-level courses.

A majority of exiting graduate and law students felt they had sufficient quality research opportunities (86 percent), adequate opportunities to perform or otherwise display their talents (87 percent), and adequate opportunities to attend seminars or see professionals in their field (84 percent). Eighty percent believed they had received satisfactory mentoring from teaching faculty, and 84 percent believed their department’s level of support services and other resources was adequate. In regard to the on-campus computer network and information technology services, 92 percent of respondents felt they were adequate. Many students did say they would like improvements in parking and library, computer, and Internet resources at the university.

To view the In Focus report on the GES, click here.

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