Innovations 2004 Award Winners Announced

Posted: May 12, 2004 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

The Innovations 2004 Student Expo and Exhibit of Work held on April 28 was the latest in a series of annual events celebrating the efforts of faculty and staff to enrich student lives and recognizing the hard work and dedication that students put into their learning experiences.

The cash prizes, awarded this year by each of the sponsors, are as follows:

Provost’s Awards for Originality and Creativity

Blue Jean Babies: Travel and Territory of the Poison Arrow Frog Dendrobates pumilio, Kelley Elliott, for Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Plum Flowers: Todd Pitt, for IT 108

DoIT Award for Best Use of Technology

Emergent Designer: A design support tool based on models of complex adaptive systems, Rafal Kicinger

George Mason University Century Club Awards for Most Effective Corporate Interaction

Leadership and Resiliency Program: Helping at-risk students reach the top, Lance Schmeidler for COMM 655

On CUE: Connecting the Fairfax Community, Emily Welty and Janelle Stevenson in an extension of COMM 345 with Broadside

Student Activities Student’s Choice Awards

George Mason University Applied Robotics Club: Trinity Firefighting Robot, Brian Davidson

Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness: Community Action through Reston Interfaith Inc., Melody Rosenberger et al for NCLC 304 Social Movements and Persuasion

College of Arts and Sciences Award for Best Technology Learning Tool

Lip Gloss is Thicker than Water! an interactive story CD by six teen girls, developed by Mason Media Lab, Robin Seitz for EDUC 199 Doctoral Dissertation

University Libraries Award for Best Research Project

George Mason University Applied Robotics Club: Trinity Firefighting Robot, Brian Davidson

University Life Award

Uber: Student Film Festival, Aman Agah

Photos of the prize-winning exhibits can be viewed here.

The event was sponsored by the Provost’s Office, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Division of Instructional and Technology Support Services (DoIT), University Life, University Libraries, the Century Club of George Mason University Inc., and Student Activities.

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