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Posted: February 20, 2004 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national news coverage George Mason received during the past week:

Friday, Feb. 13, Irish Times

Comcast Bid Signals Upturn in U.S. Corporate Takeover Action

“Big banks see the opportunity to grow geographically by using their own shares to buy financial institutions elsewhere in the U.S. ‘The consolidation in the banking industry is going to be accelerating,’ said Mr. Gerald Hanweck, a finance professor at the George Mason University School of Management. ‘These companies have shown good earnings in the past; they are going to show good appreciation and a lot of them are ripe for takeover.’ Mr. Hanweck said that big banking deals are getting done without the acquirer offering a premium price. ‘There is still some degree of conservatism. We haven’t reached the euphoric state yet.'”

Monday, Feb. 16, USA Today

Does the Comcast-Disney Deal Add Up?

“The most admired and successful companies–Dell, Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart–are moving in the opposite direction, specializing in what they do best and outsourcing the rest. Many U.S. companies are following suit. IBM is one example. It is backing out of manufacturing, instead specializing in technology and services while contracting out the making of products to companies that specialize in running factories. ‘Comcast’s bid is, in a way, like Dell buying Microsoft so that it won’t have to pay for Windows,’ says J.P. Auffret, professor of technology management at George Mason University.”

Monday, Feb. 16, The Boston Globe

Does Gibson Deserve the ‘Passion’ Backlash?

“Does this answer exonerate Gibson, or does he damn himself with his own words? Obviously, he doesn’t deny that the concentration camps existed or that Jews were killed in them. But George Mason University law professor David Bernstein points out on the Volokh Conspiracy weblog that Holocaust ‘revisionists’ typically do not deny that Jews were killed; they simply minimize the killing, portraying it as another part of the overall death toll of World War II rather than the systematic extermination campaign that it was. In Bernstein’s opinion, ‘Gibson is skirting pretty close’ to this kind of minimization.”

Wednesday, Feb. 18, Times-Picayune

Black Democrats Line Up Behind ‘Electable’ Kerry

“Driven by a desire to find the strongest candidate to defeat President Bush and unmoved by the protest candidacy of the Rev. Al Sharpton, black Democrats have been, to an even greater extent than white Democrats, coalescing around Sen. John Kerry, a candidate without a history of strong connections in the African-American community, as their party’s likely nominee. ‘Good things are happening for the Democrats,’ said Jeremy Mayer, a political scientist at George Mason University who thinks the unity and lack of obvious controversy on issues of race bodes well for the party’s prospects in the fall. ‘Black Democrats, like many other Democrats, have just decided, “We must beat Bush,”‘ said Mayer, the author of Running on Race: Racial Politics in Presidential Campaigns, 1960-2000.

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