Anne Rose Is Employee of the Month for January

Posted: January 2, 2003 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Fran Rensbarger

Anne Rose, the January Employee of the Month, is a real team player, one who is willing to go the extra mile seeing a project to completion, and a delightful person according to her nomination letters. Rose is a program support technician in the Office of Institutional Assessment who manages the office, works with various publications and surveys, and does whatever else needs to be done.

A recent example shows the diligence Rose brings to her work: she made arrangements for a team visiting the college on short notice. “Within four weeks, Anne not only had everything ready, but it was done in such a manner that I still get thank-you notes from team members. They all gave Anne a card thanking her for all her efforts at making their visit easy and comfortable,” says Karen Gentemann, director of Institutional Assessment. “There is simply no way I could have organized this visit without Anne. She works part-time, but you wouldn’t have known it during these preparations.”

Gentemann commends Rose for her consistently professional behavior, productivity, and reliability. Regarding the freshman survey given during orientation, Gentemann says, “I can count on Anne to check and double-check to ensure that this process gets carried out with minimal or no problems. Rose takes time with each person who calls and is courteous to frustrated and irritated people. She uses diplomacy and quickly finds out the source of the problem,” says Gentemann.

Rose has also done a lot on her own to improve the appearance of the research reports, doing the groundwork necessary to get a better paper at a reasonable price. Also, Rose will stop on the way to work to pick up office supplies at stores where they cost less than the university supply price, Gentemann says.

She has gradually taken on a larger share of the work on the unit’s publications, says Ruth Green, assistant director of Institutional Assessment. “I draft the content and Anne does the rest,” says Green. “To do this, she had to develop or improve her skills. She did this cheerfully and willingly.”

Rose says she always felt education is critical to the well-being and success of both the individual and the community. “Coming to Mason seemed a natural step, as I wanted to work supporting something that I value highly,” she says.

She likes working in a respectful, busy environment and routinely interacting with a number of very professional colleagues. “What I like most about my job is supporting those who are working to educate those who wish to learn.” Rose also appreciates the many opportunities the university offers to improve old skills and learn new ones through Human Resources programs, and a variety of computer training courses. Her goal is to continue to grow, to find new and better ways to accomplish the routine, freeing up time to take on new tasks and projects.

Rose came to George Mason with a B.S. degree in education and experience as an elementary school teacher and a substitute teacher.

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