George Mason Faculty and Staff Express Thankfulness

Posted: November 25, 2002 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

From budget cuts to terrorism, we have all had plenty to worry about this year. Yet, with Thanksgiving around the corner, university faculty and staff members say they still have reasons to be thankful. Daily Gazette staff members took an informal survey among university faculty and staff members to find out what they are thankful for this year. Following is a sample of the responses received:

After Sept. 11 it was hard to imagine ever being joyful again. But the one thing that has made our family so very grateful was the news we received from our son and his wife. Sometime in mid-April they are expecting a baby, our first grandchild. Life is precious, and truly a gift from God.

–Sally Murphy, Counseling and Development, Graduate School of Education

Photo of Cindy Lont

Cindy Lont

From the home front, I am thankful that my daughter’s trumpet playing has improved immensely, and my son has decided not to take up the drums.

–Cindy Lont, chair, Department of Communication

I am thankful that the earth is still turning, the sun is shining, and the stars are wobbling. I am thankful that my car is still running, my cat is purring, and my heart is beating. I am thankful that the cable modem is still blinking, e-mail is flowing, and debates are uncovering.

–Nada Dabbagh, Graduate School of Education

My two sons are healthy and happy, and I’ll get to spend time with them over the holidays.

–Anne Agee, Information Technology Unit

Photo of Bill Reeder

Bill Reeder

I am grateful to be part of the George Mason family. Lasting friendships abound. Caring teachers, engaged young minds, community partners…a rich hearty thanksgiving bounty. We at Mason have been given a great treasure. Adding our own voices to the resonance of the university is a cause to celebrate.

–Bill Reeder, College of Visual and Performing Arts

I am thankful for my new little girl and her beautiful big sister, for all my friends and family in New York City that have emerged from a very trying year stronger and safe, and for my IT&E family–they truly know the meaning of family and how to make our personal lives a priority while still getting the job done.

–Tamara Halstead, Web Development, School of Information Technology and Engineering

Photo of Michael Krauss

Michael Krauss

I’m thankful that God has granted me health, my wonderful family, and the priceless gift of American citizenship.

–Michael Krauss, School of Law

I am very thankful for the department in which I am employed. I was on medical leave during this past spring semester and was overwhelmed with the support that I received from my department. This ranged from encouraging cards and e-mail messages, exchange of home phone numbers with offers to assist at any time, personal visits and phone calls, transportation home from the hospital during rush hour and to meetings, donation to a charitable organization in my honor, taking care of my advisees and other student issues, and other expressions of support such as flowers and food. Since I was experiencing a serious illness I can’t tell you how much it meant to have this department behind me. What could have been a very stressful situation for me was peaceful where I could focus on healing in order to prepare to return for this fall semester.

–Janet Lozar, Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources

Photo of Susan Kehoe

Susan Kehoe

I’m thankful for a staff that continues to work to the best of their ability in spite of threats of cuts and salary freezes. I’m thankful for that same staff who come in early and stay late in order to complete more and more work each semester. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with such amazing professionals who always strive to find the good in every situation. I’m thankful for having a wonderful family both at home and at work. (Life couldn’t be any sweeter!)

–Susan Kehoe, GMU-TV

I’m thankful for a work life rich in laughter, challenge, camaraderie, and mutual support…and my real life, equally rich with children; the warm friendship of my husband (still my best friend after almost 20 years!); and the joys of music, prayer, and friends.

–Tracy Seffers, Student and Academic Services, Prince William Campus

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