Frequently Asked Questions to Debut in Daily Gazette Next Week

Posted: January 23, 2002 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 29, a new frequently asked questions column will appear in the Daily Gazette on a weekly basis. All questions originate from the green comment boxes located throughout the university, or are items brought to the attention of the Quality of Work Life Committee. Answers are supplied by the appropriate academic unit, department, or office. Following is a preview question and answer:

Q: The tables in the SUB I Food Court are, for the most part, clean. Service is friendly and courteous. The food crowd (students) is respectful. It’s a good environment to read, study, or eat. But please try to avoid using styrofoam for the food containers. There are more eco-friendly possibilities.

A: Dining Services is glad to hear you enjoy the environment in SUB I. In regard to the foam containers, be assured that these products do not contain CFM gases and are environmentally friendly. The newest forms of foam products are as biodegradable as chemically treated paper products. In addition, insulation properties and durability of foam helps to reduce paper waste and ensure food quality and food safety. For more specific details on these products, contact Moe Emami at x33314.

This semester we will be initiating a waste reduction campaign in our Ultimate Dining facility (formerly Ciao Hall). We will weigh plate and paper waste at one of the first meals to establish a baseline. During this campaign, we will be training our staff in waste reduction and encouraging students, faculty, and staff to reduce food waste. We will be switching from foam coffee cups to ceramic, and have ordered an ample supply of new flatware, so that usage of plastic utensils can be eliminated. We will take periodic measurements of waste throughout the semester and post the results. Our approach is simple–awareness. We can all do our part to reduce waste and help the environment. –Lisa McGary, Dining Services nutritionist, x33283.

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