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Posted: December 1, 2000 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national news coverage George Mason received during the past week:

Saturday, Nov. 25, Associated Press

Top Court’s Intervention Is Surprise

“George Mason University law professor Daniel Polsby said the justices might be thinking ‘this is an election that isn’t going to have the indicia of finality in the public’s mind if we don’t lick the envelope and seal it.’ The role of the nation’s highest court is to ‘be the final arbiter when nobody else can agree,’ Polsby said.”

Monday, Nov. 27, Orlando Sentinel

Airlines Offer Few Direct Flights Abroad from Orlando, Fla., Airport

“There are powerful financial reasons for cities’ interest in building routes across the oceans, said Kenneth Button, director of George Mason University’s Center for Transport Policy and Logistics…. There are no easy solutions for Orlando International, Button said, but the airport would benefit from more diversity in the city’s economy. ‘It’s almost a chicken and egg situation,’ Button said. ‘If you can get more business development around Orlando–not tourism business–that can stimulate flights.'”

Monday, Nov. 27, ABC, Good Morning America

George Mason University Professor William Lash: “Al Gore … is really ice skating uphill. He has a chance in theory, but the idea of winning a contest where you have to show that legally cast ballots that were not counted would have changed or cast into doubt the outcome of the election is going to be very slim. There’s a track record of these cases not being successful at the statewide level…. Frankly, it’s over for Al Gore.”

Tuesday, Nov. 28, Los Angeles Times

Microsoft Appeals Breakup Order

“‘I think Microsoft is raising a legitimate point in light of the post-trial comments of Judge Jackson,’ said Ernest Gellhorn, a George Mason University Law School professor. Microsoft’s allegations, Gellhorn said, could ‘condition the court to look at [Jackson’s] findings of fact and legal analysis more cautiously.'”

Wednesday, Nov. 29, Associated Press, Canadian Press

Transition Teams on ‘Parallel Track’ with U.S. Election Still Undecided

“It’s important to make early choices for key White House and cabinet positions because putting them in place can take months…. ‘That’s going to clog things up,’ said James Pfiffner, a government professor at George Mason University. Plus, he said, the new White House staff will be swamped with applications from folks hoping to fill some 6,000 full-time jobs and part-time spots on boards and commissions.”

Wednesday, Nov. 29, USA Today

Play-by-Play Announcing Isn’t Gender-Specific at ESPN

“Pam Ward is the first woman to call college football on national TV. (ESPN2 reaches 73 million of the USA’s 100 million TV households.) More important, she seems positioned to become the first woman to break a famous glass ceiling by getting inside a football broadcast booth’s glass walls…. The Mitchellville, Md., native, in her fourth year at ESPN, caught a break on local TV doing women’s hoops for Virginia-based George Mason University.

Wednesday, Nov. 29, Washington Post

Widening Gap Found Between Area’s Rich, Poor

Alan G. Merten, president of George Mason University, said the various aspects of life here show how one impacts on another. ‘Entrepreneurship is not going to continue unless we invest more in education,’ he said. ‘Quality of life is going to impact innovation and entrepreneurship…. We should be pleased with what’s happened here,’ Merten said, ‘but we have to be very careful to not be contented with what we have.'”

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