Classified Employees Discuss Quality of Work Life

Posted: November 22, 2000 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Emily Yaghmour

Last Friday, in a meeting called by the Quality of Work Life Task Force and facilitated by Bob Vay of University Libraries, approximately 30 George Mason classified employees gathered to discuss issues of concern to them. The discussion began with concerns about the cost of parking.

Employees also briefly discussed the new compensation plan. One person indicated she thought the evaluation process would be more useful under the new plan. Another expressed her hope that, as the plan proposes, long-time employees will receive adjustments in salary to bring them up to the compensation levels of new employees in similar positions.

President Alan Merten, who attended the first part of the meeting, brought up the issue of flex time. One person pointed out that having employees on flex time benefits the operation of her department because it can be open for more hours during the day. Another pointed out that flex time is not an option for some employees.

Employees spent several minutes discussing campus safety and concerns about walking to one’s car after dark through wooded areas. They discussed several solutions, including designated parking spaces nearby for individuals who have evening work hours, and a shuttle service to parking lots. A couple of employees also pointed out that the university already provides an escort service.

Discussed at some length were sources of job stress and ways to manage stress. One employee suggested that Human Resources provide stress-management training for classified employees. Another proposed having quarterly town hall meetings.

According to Karen Rosenblum, vice president of University Life, the purpose of these sessions is to gather information. The task force will use the information, along with the data gathered from the earlier surveys, to develop recommendations to submit to the president and the executive council in February.

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