Internet Multimedia Center Students Work with Morino Group

Posted: August 15, 2000 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Hope J Smith

Art and Visual Technologies students Greg Stein and Mauricio Sanchez have been chosen as project managers for the Morino Group’s new building in Reston. The two will work to redesign a website for this for-profit counterpart of the Morino Institute. Both the Morino Group and the Morino Institute were created by Mario Morino, called by some the “grandfather of the Internet in this area.”

The students, who work as a part of the Internet Multimedia Center (IMC), will use both their training in the traditional visual arts and their technological savvy. “We want to make this website not just functional, but something to enjoy,” says Stein. Created two years ago by Scott Martin, director of the Art and Visual Technologies Division, the IMC’s staff of students and faculty members helps create websites and other Internet products for high-tech companies, nonprofit organizations, and schools.

You might think that the greatest challenge IMC students face as they tackle consulting projects is learning how to use the necessary technologies. Not so, says Stein. The greatest challenge is communicating well. Students must learn how to listen to clients and understand what they want, and how to ask questions and explain ideas. “Not everyone knows how to express what they want,” Stein says, smiling.

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