GBAY Auction Raises $13,000 for Student Scholarships

Posted: April 8, 2011 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: April 7, 2011 at 9:05 pm

By Aisha Jamil

“Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, ’cause they’re bidding on everything out there!” That was the slogan for the second annual GBAY auction held March 3 that raised more than $13,000 for student scholarships, about $3,000 more than was raised last year.

Solely created by Mason students and for Mason students, GBAY featured more than 100 items bid on by students, faculty, alumni and anyone who wished to be a part of the Mason community.

“The initial vision was to create an event that would bring multiple areas of campus together for one united cause and grow into a Mason tradition,” says Danielle Miller, president of Mason Ambassadors and organizer of the event.

According to Miller, the auction ran exactly the same as last year, with a mix of a silent auction, live auction and a door prize.

“Although we attempted to adjust the planning process, there is still some work to be done to really get a solid process in place,” says Miller, a junior double majoring in marketing and management.

Some featured auction items were a signed copy of the Jersey Shore star Nicole Snooki Polizzi’s book, “A Shore Thing,” a pair of tickets to any 2011 Jiffy Lube Live concert and the banner from Mason’s 2006 Final Four run that was hung in Indianapolis (winning bid: $2,600).

However, the most intense moment of the night was a bidding war over the naming rights to a sub sandwich at the new Pilot House eatery. At the end, auction cohost Andrew Flagel offered a compromise to two eager bidders with each getting to name a sub for $360. Both agreed.

“It is great to see students give back to students,” says Flagel, dean of admissions. “To see students get fired up over a sub or calzone, it’s just exciting.”

And even for those who didn’t win, the GBAY auction provided a night of amusement and entertainment.

“I thought the GBAY auction was both fun and functional,” says Daniel Robb, assistant dean of admissions. “I was so impressed by the hard work of the Mason Ambassadors in coordinating the event and making it so successful.”

Robb, who bid on 10 items and won eight, was honored to be a part of GBAY’s night of giving.

“I am so very proud to work at Mason, and this auction offered me an opportunity to give back to current and future Mason students via these donations.”

For Miller, planning GBAY has been an arduous process. From organizing the first GBAY last year in under six weeks, raising more than $10,000, Miller has learned a thing or two the second time around.

“With GBAY, we still have some key offices on campus that have yet to figure out how to get involved,” Miller says. “If we could get full involvement, it is likely that our fundraising efforts would increase tremendously.”

As for future plans, Miller plans to stay involved until she graduates.

“[Cofounder] Brittany Burkhart and I am ready to pass on the torch for future Mason leaders to run with. Hopefully, in time, this will become a well-established tradition at Mason — and a great source of revenue to help students who need financial aid.”

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