National Telework Week Starts Feb. 14

Posted: February 11, 2011 at 1:01 am, Last Updated: February 12, 2011 at 4:09 pm

By Aisha Jamil

Feb. 14–18 is National Telework Week, a good time for Mason employees who have the ability to work from home to speak with their supervisors about teleworking on a trial basis.

“Telework is a win-win opportunity for organizations, departments, employees and the environment,” says Wendi Carroll, a work/life assistant for the Office of Human Resources and Payroll. “It supports workforce productivity and continuity, creates a work/life balance and is environmentally friendly” since it reduces pollution associated with daily commuting.

For Mason employees, there are many flexible work options in addition to teleworking, such as using compressed schedules, working from a remote location, job-sharing and flextime (working with a flexible schedule).

Karla Posselt, who has been working from her home in West Virginia for more two years, believes that teleworking can have real advantages for both departments and employees.

“With today’s increasing fuel prices and traffic congestion, having teleworking options is a real advantage to helping Mason go green and helping staff manage their commuting,” says Posselt, project coordinator for Auxiliary Enterprises.

“Working remotely has worked out great for me, and I believe my supervisor would agree that it has been a beneficial arrangement for his department,” continues Posselt.

Employees who do not have a flexible work agreement are asked to register on the Mini-Flex website. Mini-Flex is a short-term opportunity to try out teleworking.

Once employees get their supervisor or department head’s approval, they can go ahead and register to telework one or two days next week without having to complete a formal flexible work agreement.

“Telework is a great recruitment and retention tool,” says Linda Harber, associate vice president of HR and Payroll. “It helps keep Mason ahead of the curve as a great place to work.”

Robyn Madar, a trainer in the Office of Human Resources and Payroll, teleworks weekly from her home in Washington, D.C., or from the Arlington Campus.

“My telework day allows me to get so much done! It allows me to focus on curriculum design and all the other behind-the-scenes details that make our classes rich and interactive,” Madar says. “Mason’s telework technologies mean that people can still be in touch with me and get what they need just as quickly as if I were in the office, which is a huge plus for customer service!”

National Telework Week is sponsored by The Telework Exchange and Cisco.

For more information regarding how you can open the discussion about teleworking, please contact Wendi Carroll or visit the Human Resources and Payroll website.

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