Professor’s Film Heads to Tucson Film and Music Festival

Posted: December 10, 2010 at 1:03 am, Last Updated: December 9, 2010 at 4:31 pm

By Aisha Jamil

Begun as a video shoot during the recording sessions for an Ohioan band called Southeast Engine, Mason professor Thomas Britt never expected the footage to hit the big screen.

“My goal was to create an archive of the sessions, but as the album came together, the video footage became more purposeful,” says Britt, an assistant professor in Film and Video Studies.

Because the footage was not originally intended to become a documentary, much of it is rough around the edges, according to Britt.

The short documentary, “Stewart Summer,” which was completed last spring, headed to the Tucson Film and Music Festival in October.

“It has been playing at various film festivals for the past few months, and audiences have been kind,” Britt says modestly.

The documentary first premiered at the Athens International Film and Video Festival in Ohio. Most recently, the film screened across Tennessee for the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival.

“The festival response exceeds my expectations for the documentary because I never expected to have a chance to screen it for the audiences outside the band and a few friends. But I am happy to see the film reach viewers beyond the music world.”

Britt is set to release his documentary online through Misra Records as soon as it finishes its festival run.

Britt, who has taught at Mason for three years, has worked on short and feature-length films and videos. He directed a documentary called “Lost in Winesburg” about Sherwood Anderson and his 1919 collection of short stories called “Winesburg, Ohio.”

“At the moment I’m editing two documentaries and writing a screenplay that should be produced next year,” Britt says.

“I have enjoyed teaching here at Mason and I hope to continue teaching here, developing new classes and growing the Film and Video Studies Program.”

For more information about “Stewart Summer,” contact Britt.

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