Inova Health System, Mason Announce New Life Sciences Research Grants

Posted: November 5, 2010 at 1:04 am, Last Updated: November 4, 2010 at 4:12 pm

By Dave Andrews

Mason and Northern Virginia’s Inova Health System recently unveiled the newest round of grant recipients from the Inova Life Sciences Research Collaboration Fund – George Mason University.

Seven new grants have been awarded; the research will be completed over the next year.

In 2009, Inova Health System established this fund by providing Mason with $1 million to stimulate and enhance collaborative research of the life sciences. In its initial year, the fund awarded 16 grants to health researchers from Mason and Inova Health System.

“Over the years, Inova and Mason investigators have developed superb collaborations,” says Zobair Younossi, vice president for research for Inova Health System and a Mason alumnus, BS Biology ’84. “These grants are another example of our joint efforts for cutting-edge research that will benefit our patients, investigators and community of Northern Virginia.”

Grant applications are submitted to Mason but are jointly peer-reviewed by experts from both institutions. The funds are overseen by Younossi and Roger Stough, Mason vice president for research and economic development.

“The Inova-Mason Fund collaboration has been, and continues to be, one of the most profound research partnerships Mason has been party to,” Stough says. “We are already seeing significant results from these joint research projects.”

For the 2010-11 academic year, the following grants were awarded:

  • $50,000 to Mihai Boicu (Mason principal investigator), David Ascher (Inova), Kathleen Donnelly (Inova), Fred Garner (Mason-Inova liaison) and David Goldberg (Inova) for “PTT-Tutor: Web-Based Intelligent Agent for Training Residents in Pediatric Telephone Triage”
  • $48,950 to Jessica Gill (Mason principal investigator), Suzanne Rotolo-Brown (Inova co-principal investigator), Lora E. Peppard (Mason), Lisa Vandemark (Mason), James Olds (Mason), Thomas Wise (Inova), Robert Lipsky (Inova) and James Ecklund (Inova) for “Consequences of Blunt Force and Anoxic Traumatic Brain Injuries in Abused Women and Secondary Injury Mechanisms”
  • $50,000 to P.M. Greenwood (Mason principal investigator), James L. Bicksel (Inova co-principal investigator), James C. Thompson (Inova co-principal investigator), Matt Peterson (Mason co-principal investigator) and Raja Parasuraman (Mason co-principal investigator) for “Cognitive Training as a Means to Heighten Integrity of Mind and Brain in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Healthy Old Age”
  • $50,000 to Kylene Kehn-Hall (Mason principal investigator) and Donald Poretz (Inova) for “MicroRNA as Novel Biomarkers in Long-Term Non-Progressor HIV-1-1 Patients”
  • $50,000 to Jessica Lin (Mason principal investigator), Fern Litman (Inova co-principal investigator), Margot D. Ahronovich (Inova co-principal investigator), Ida Sue Baron (Inova), Kristine Erickson (Inova) and Robin Baker (Inova) for “Neurophysiology Correlates of Extremely Low Birth Weight Outcomes at 12 Months Corrected Age”
  • $46,452 to John M. Shiver (Mason co-principal investigator), Janusz Wojtusiak (Mason co-principal investigator) and Ronald Ewald (Inova) for “Development and Testing of Artificial Intelligence Application for Healthcare Financial Management”
  • $49,506 to Ali A. Weinstein (Mason principal investigator), Niv Ad (Inova co-principal investigator) and Sari D. Holmes (Inova co-principal investigator) for “Cardiovascular Reactivity to Mental Stress in Coronary Artery Bypass and Maze Surgery Patients”

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