Center for Consciousness and Transformation Offers Summer Institute for Educators

Posted: June 3, 2010 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: June 2, 2010 at 2:40 pm

Mason’s Center for Consciousness and Transformation will offer a three-day summer institute, “The Mindful Educator,” Aug. 3-5 at the Fairfax Campus.

The institute will help educators of students in preschool through high school explore mindfulness skills and techniques. These approaches have the potential to bring about positive shifts in scholastic motivation and performance.

“School districts across the nation recognize the growing need for transformational shifts in teaching and learning methods,” says Janette Muir, summer institute director.

“Many educators notice the imbalances in the achievement-based school system and feel as though serving their students must go beyond simply providing information or teaching to standardized tests.

“Innovative educators and pilot projects point toward the benefit of a more holistic educational approach, one that integrates the students’ socio-emotional development with their intellectual growth. This new focus seeks to create a community of learners, equipped with personal and social skills needed to adapt to the rapidly changing world.”

  • Lectures, workshops, panels and small group discussions will explore the innovations of mindfulness and contemplative approaches in the classroom.
  • The Mindful Educator is conceptually based on the premise that all educators seek a healthy learning environment for their students.
  • By incorporating mindfulness practices into the learning process, students can be equipped to develop self-awareness and cultivate their hearts and minds.
  • The institute will explore tools for self-motivation, self-direction, student-centered learning and cultivating greater well-being and wholeness in the classroom.
  • Educators will learn how to become mindful role models, enriching their own lives while guiding their students through a fulfilling learning process.

Tuition for the institute is $199 before June 15; $249 after June 15. One graduate-level credit is available through the College of Education and Human Development for an additional $100. Preregistration is required, and registration forms are available online at

Initiated in 2009, the Center for Consciousness and Transformation is an interdisciplinary research and teaching center whose mission is to understand the nature and effects of individual and group consciousness and their role in transformative learning and social change.

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