School of Management Offers New National Defense Executive MBA Program

Posted: May 12, 2010 at 1:03 am, Last Updated: May 11, 2010 at 4:04 pm

By Jennifer Edgerly

Mason’s School of Management (SOM) has launched a new National Defense Executive MBA (EMBA) program that addresses the important role of leadership in the defense industry.

Military, government executives and contractors who provide mission-critical services and products will gain insight into meeting the unique demands of the complex and dynamic national defense sector. Enrollment for the 17-month program is under way and classes start this fall.

The only program of its kind in the world to focus on improving the leadership and management abilities of U.S. military, government and civilian defense industry executives, the Mason National Defense EMBA combines the power of a high-caliber executive business education with industry-specific knowledge and hands-on learning.

The program prepares leaders who can resolve the unique challenges of this industry: extended program timelines; funding challenges; aligning public, DOD and private sector goals; increased demands for transparency; and leadership changes due to differences in career cycles.

The curriculum emphasizes executive leadership growth, industry intelligence and an expert skill set to support programmatic, operations and budgetary decision-making in the defense sector.

Primary areas of academic study are leadership, ethics, management, finance, accounting, strategy, planning, decision-making, marketing, information technology and operations.

“Our program is the only EMBA degree offered worldwide that is tailored to the needs of leaders and managers in the U.S. defense industry,” says Roy Hinton, SOM associate dean of executive programs.

“It provides students an exclusive professional education to accelerate their careers in the military, government and corporate defense sectors. Students will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of a general manager’s approach to business in addition to the unique workings of the defense industry.”

The program includes an intensive one-week study tour of the Washington, D.C., government and defense sectors, including visits to Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, corporate offices and government organizations.

In addition, students in the program will have the option to join students in the Global EMBA Program on global residencies. Each SOM residency is a 10-day overseas experience, with site visits to a variety of government and business organizations in host countries.

Taught by noted Mason SOM faculty, students will be exposed to an experiential learning environment that brings defense industry intricacies into the classroom. Some of the methods used include traditional case analysis, lecture and discussion, student-to-student projects, student-faculty team projects and presentations as well as guest lectures from defense industry leaders.

“At Mason we understand that the complexities of the defense sector demand the most talented individuals who understand these challenges,” says Hinton. “Graduates of this program will gain sharpened leadership, managerial and analytical skills that will prepare them for any situation and increase the contribution they make to their organizations and the defense industry.”

For more information about the National Defense EMBA, call 703-993-4457, e-mail or see the web site.

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