Mason Housing Transitions into 2010

Posted: January 27, 2010 at 1:03 am, Last Updated: January 26, 2010 at 4:36 pm

By Daniel Walsch

The beginning of a new calendar year and new semester finds Mason’s housing under university management. Effective Jan. 1, the university assumed complete and direct control of all housing. For the past decade, Mason had outsourced the day-to-day management of these facilities to Campus Living Villages (CLV).

Expansion of the housing program ultimately led Mason to the decision to conclude its outsourcing arrangement.

“Our campus program had evolved to a level where we felt it was critical to set this transition in motion in order to most effectively meet the needs of students and the university in the future,” says Jana Hurley, executive director of Housing and Residential Life and associate dean of University Life.

The transition process began at the start of the fall 2009 semester. Since then, Mason has converted approximately 130 student staff positions from CLV to the university, hired 94 additional staff members and filled five senior-level positions. Additionally, the transition required closing out approximately 70 CLV accounts and converting 10 others to university control.

According to Hurley, the transition came at a time when Mason accommodated the largest incoming freshman class in its history. The result was an occupancy rate of slightly over 100 percent. Despite this, “Our staff did an outstanding job of working with our students and doing all they could to help make their lives here on campus comfortable and satisfactory,” says Hurley.

According to a recent survey, their efforts paid off, as the satisfaction rate among residential students in the efforts of their residential advisors was never higher than it was in fall 2009.

Presently, Mason has 35 housing facilities with a total of 5,000 beds. Future plans are under way to expand the number of beds on campus to approximately 6,000 by 2012.

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