Spring 2010 Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program Participants Announced

Posted: January 21, 2010 at 1:02 am, Last Updated: January 20, 2010 at 5:40 pm

Eighteen students were selected for the spring competitive Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program, which funds students working with faculty mentors on a creative or scholarly project.

The mentors, the students selected and their projects follow.

  • David Levy will mentor Margaret Albert, economics, on “Choosing Extremism: a Study in Modern British Islam”
  • Nathalia Peixoto will mentor Zainab Hameda Benchekroun, computer engineering, on “Using Electrodes to Stimulate the Activity of the Brain”
  • Kate Mattingly will mentor Jessica Brenchick, history, Writing Fellow
  • Patrick McKnight will mentor Simone Erchov, psychology, on “Assessing Necessity of Calibrating Depression Measures as a Factor of Functional Outcomes and Symptomatology”
  • Marco Castillo will mentor Ejona Fuli, economics, on “Loss Aversion: What Is the Optimal Contract?”
  • Lisa Pawloski will mentor Maximillian Garland, biology, on “The Socio-geographic Determinants of Patients”
  • Barney Bishop will mentor Tiffany Ha, chemistry, on “Incorporation of Triazine Groups into pNIP Am/AA Particles to Customize Affinity Baits”
  • David Donahue will mentor Nicholas Howell, civil and environmental engineering, on “Practical Mechanical Wire Stripper”
  • Shannon Portillo will mentor Komal Khan, administration of justice, on “Pro Se and Pro Bono Representation in Administrative Hearings”
  • Walter Morris will mentor Shadiyah Mangru, mathematics, on “Investigations in Linear Algebra and Combinatories related to Biclique Decompositions of Graphs”
  • Thomas Rustici will mentor David McAbee, economic environmental policy, on “The Environmental Effects of American Individualism: Determining If Sustainability Properly Addresses the Causes of Environmental Degradation and Its Implications for Public Policy”
  • Pamela Greenwood will mentor Swati Mehta, psychology, on “The Effects of COMT, BDNF and Age on Working Memory Performances”
  • Raja Parasuraman will mentor Amira Mohamed-Ameen, psychology,  on “Complacency and Verification Behavior with Automated Decision Aids”
  • Linda Chrosniak will mentor Patrick Mumper, psychology, on “Facilitation Effects of D-Cycloserine on Variably Induced Fear Extinction: An Animal Model of PTSD”
  • Kwame Boakye-Agyei will mentor Rizqi Rachmat, economics and global affairs, on “Examining the Volume of U.S. Aid to Africa and Its Corresponding International Development Policy for Africa’s Development”
  • Daniel Cox will mentor Myurajan Rubaharan, biology, on “Investigating the Role of RNAi Regulation in Class-Specific Dendrite Morphogenesis”
  • Monique van Hoek will mentor Eric Schiffhauer, biology, on “Potential Role of Pilin in Francisella Biofilm Formation”
  • Jeffrey Mantz will mentor Amanda Shaver, history and anthropology, on  “Yogacharya in America”

For more information on the Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program, contact Deirdre Moloney, director, at dmoloney@gmu.edu or go to uap.gmu.edu.

UAP applications for the summer term will be due on April 15; applications will be available in mid-March.  Fall applications will be due on Aug. 15.

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