DoIIIT Conducts Survey of University’s Digital Video Needs

Posted: February 16, 2000 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

A task force organized by Joy Hughes, vice president of Information Technology, is conducting an online survey to determine the kinds of digital video needs the university has. Led by Walt Sevon of the Department of Instructional Improvement and Instructional Technologies (DoIIIT), the task force comprises Susan Kehoe of DoIIIT, Dave Jensen and Randy Anderson of University Computing and Information Systems, and Lara Bushallow and Scott Breivold of University Libraries.

According to Sevon, digital video can be a valuable tool for faculty and staff members who frequently use video as instructional tools. Digital video has a decided advantage over VHS tapes, especially if you want to show specific pieces of a video. With VHS, you have to wait for the tape to advance to the right spot, and you have to continually stop it to make sure you don’t pass the section you are searching for.

Digital video, which is displayed on a computer monitor rather than a television screen, eliminates this difficulty. It allows you to go immediately to the clips you’ve selected, which makes showing film clips as easy as turning to a page you’ve marked in a book. And with the right equipment, it’s easy to translate any VHS tape into digital format.

Digital video can be used for many other purposes: video teleconferencing, distance education, promotion, training, reference services, and more. The purpose of the survey is to discover the ways George Mason faculty and staff would like to use digital video so that the university can identify the proper technology to meet those needs. The survey will be available only until Feb. 28.

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