Mason Supervisors Offered Advanced Leadership Training Seminars

Posted: December 7, 2009 at 1:03 am, Last Updated: December 4, 2009 at 5:34 pm

By Catherine Ferraro

Since the program began in September 2006, more than 35 Mason employees have successfully completed the New SUPERvisors Series, a comprehensive training program offered by the Office of Human Resources and Payroll (HR).

For individuals looking for even more ways to enhance their supervisory skills, HR is offering the Experienced Supervisor Leadership Seminars (ESLS). This new series of seminars offers advanced leadership training to Mason supervisors who have successfully completed the New SUPERvisor Series or who have more than five years of supervisory experience at Mason.

“The New SUPERvisor Series has been extremely successful in offering Mason supervisors the opportunity to gain practical experience,” says Lori Ann Roth, training and development director in HR.

“We wanted to take supervisor training to the next level and offer even more personal and professional development to individuals who are continuing to advance in their careers.”

The seminars program will take a year to complete. Each participant must complete six workshops, three case-study classes and a project retreat.

The workshops, titled Covey Workshops: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, are taught by a Franklin Covey-certified trainer using materials derived from the lessons in the best-selling book.

During the case-study classes, participants will work in small groups to “solve” a case study. The groups will then present their solutions to the entire class. The class facilitator will listen and respond to the solutions of each group and then offer the actual end result of the case study.

Throughout the year, participants will meet with a mentor or their supervisor before and after each class. They will also complete a goal sheet with the mentor or supervisor to compare business needs and ideas about the classes. Using this goal sheet, participants will complete a mentor journal.

As their final project, participants will use the goal sheets to create a portfolio and final presentation to share with a group of peers. The subject of the project should focus on career and professional development and the next steps in the participant’s career. Each individual will present their findings and answer questions from the group.

“By using the information they have learned throughout the seminars and presenting it to their peers, participants will be able to learn from one another and also share with their mentors the business need for taking these seminars,” says Roth.

To be considered for the Experienced Supervisor Leadership Seminars, individuals must be nominated by their supervisor and complete an application packet, available online. Packets must be returned to HR by Friday, Dec. 11.

The cost of the materials for the program is $210. The participant’s supervisor must agree to pay the fee and support the participant by having monthly meetings to discuss the business impact of the seminars.

For more information about the Experienced Supervisor Leadership Seminars, contact Roth at 703-993-2621 or

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