Renowned Mexican Chef Santibañez’s Cuisine Featured at Southside

Posted: September 22, 2009 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: September 23, 2009 at 9:09 am

By Rashad Mulla

Basic CMYKFor the next month and a half, expect to see authentic Mexican cuisine alongside the regular items at Southside. On Friday, Oct. 2, expect the unconventional dishes to dominate the menu.

Sodexo, which runs dining services on campus, recently partnered with world-renowned chef Roberto Santibañez to bring his dishes to Mason. The program, “Mex to the Max,” began yesterday and will continue until Oct. 30 in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Each day, Southside will add an item or two from a list of signature Santibañez dishes to the regular menu at Southside, according to Jill Wilson, director of marketing for Mason Dining. The Santibañez item will rotate daily, and will typically be featured at the “Without Boundaries” station.

Spicy chicken and chorico alambres (skewered chicken and picante chorico), sweet cinnamon brownies (featuring espresso and chili powder) and carne guisada (a spicy beef dish) are three of the featured menu items.

“People will be delighted to get a taste of authentic Mexican Cuisine as part of Southside’s existing diversified menu,” Wilson says.

On Oct. 2, Southside will host Hispanic Heritage Day, which will feature a complete menu of Hispanic food and “as many Roberto Santibañez items as will fit into station layouts in the dining room,” says Peter Schoebel, executive chef.

“It will be a pleasure to offer Roberto Santibañez’s flavors of Mexico and his version of the flavors he loves and grew up with,” Schoebel says. “People should be exposed to authentic foods of every country, instead of the commercial versions that water down the authenticity for American palates.”

While Schoebel doesn’t expect Southside’s daily customer count of 3,200 to increase significantly during the Mex to the Max program, he says he expects the program to succeed in other ways.

“The reason that we are running this new promotion is to increase the guest experience satisfaction and continually change up the menu and offerings to always keep it fresh, new and different,” Schoebel says.

This is the first time Southside has presented the dishes of a particular chef. However, the venue has showcased different food items during Black History Month and Asia-Pacific Heritage Month, Wilson says. Southside will host Mia Pham, a chef of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine at the Lemongrass Restaurant in Sacramento, Calif., in April.

See Santibañez on YouTube doing an introduction to Mexican Cuisine:

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