Construction Limits Traffic Along Aquia Creek Lane

Posted: July 6, 2009 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: July 2, 2009 at 4:14 pm

By Dave Andrews

aquiacreekmap2Aquia Creek Lane — which is usually a thoroughfare for service vehicles, pick-up/drop-off passenger autos and Mason Pond Parking Deck patrons — is now indefinitely limited to parking deck permit holders only.

Pedestrian pathways and building access points will also go through adjustment stages.

These adjustments are the result of three projects already in progress: the Aquia Building (data center and swing space), the Center for Student Success (addition to Student Union Building I) and the de Laski Performing Arts Building (addition).

Once the buildings are completed, the new amenities they offer should erase any memories of construction-related inconveniences. But in the meantime, there are challenges.

Possibly the biggest challenge will be controlling traffic. Construction vehicles will have to share the already limited road space with delivery vehicles and Mason Pond Parking Deck permit holders. Transportation officials have said they plan to keep the area closely monitored with parking staff and well equipped with signs to keep Aquia Creek Lane free of all other traffic.

Mason Facilities Management assures that all precautions have been taken, all walkways will meet ADA requirements and the area will be well marked with signage.

The prospect of noisy construction is also a concern, particularly for Mason staff members who will continue working in SUB I during much of the construction and renovation stages. Though noise disruptions are expected to be minimal, contractors say they will conduct the louder construction during evening hours and on weekends.

Both the Aquia Building and the Performing Arts Building addition are expected to be completed by summer 2010. The Aquia Building will centralize many Information Technology Unit offices, relocate the data center from Thompson Hall, and add swing space and multipurpose rooms. The addition to the Performing Arts Building will include dance and percussion studios, as well as an orchestra and band rehearsal hall.

Construction on the Center for Student Success will be even more extensive, with completion expected in the spring of 2011. This addition to SUB I will bring together all enrollment services, making the building a one-stop destination for all new students. It will also house the offices for Academic and Career Services.

Further updates will be announced as soon as they become available. Information can also be found on the Building Patriot Pride web site , as well as the Parking Services web site.

If you have specific questions, contact the Office of Parking and Transportation at 703-993-2710.

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