University Launches myMason Portal

Posted: June 15, 2009 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: June 12, 2009 at 2:41 pm

The myMason portal is taking the university community “inside” Mason—providing direct access to the most popular Mason tools from one location, as well as allowing users to personalize their workspace.

Starting June 15, 2009, when the university launches the myMason portal, the Mason community will be able to access campus news, Mason e-mail, and other online tools through a single login. Several key resources that require authentication, such as Mason e-mail and the Oracle calendar, will open directly from the portal without having to repeat the login process.

MyMason collects and organizes campus information in one place and allows users to customize each of their content pages so that they see only the resources that interest them. Whether it is a specific application (such as Google Scholar), a RSS news feed (such as CNN or The New York Times) or the Mason Gazette, each user can customize myMason to their individual interests and use.

Students and faculty and staff members will log into myMason by using their Mason NetID (the portion of their Mason e-mail address before the @ symbol) and their e-mail password. Once logged in, users will be presented with a range of Mason resources that are applicable to their role(s) within the university, organized by tabs at the top of the page.

For example, faculty members and students will have a Libraries tab that provides direct access to the library catalog and databases, as well as news and information about Mason’s libraries. University staff and faculty members will see a HR tab that provides links to employment and training information.

All myMason users will have tabs for Services (eLiving, parking, dining and other campus services), Life@Mason (calendars of campus events, the People Finder, Connect2Mason, etc.), and Help (Accessibility, ITU, Blackboard and myMason support).

The Organizations tab is a new feature that creates a web presence for a campus group, no matter how large or small. (Note: Student groups must be recognized by the university or have a faculty/staff sponsor.)

Users can search the list of Organizations for ones that interest them, or they can request their own myMason Organization. Organization members can use this web presence to keep members up-to-date, provide information to the Mason community, exchange and archive group documents and collaborate in an online environment.

The tools available in the portal will continue to expand. Planned features for the portal include direct access to Patriot Web, the integration of Blackboard Courses and the addition of Mason Money. The portal is dynamic—if users would like something added, they can contact the myMason team at

The myMason portal will provide faculty, students and staff with an efficient means of sharing information that will enhance and simplify the ways in which they participate in university life.

Several weeks ago, the Mason homepage was redesigned to be a marketing tool for the university’s external audiences, especially prospective students. With this redesign and the introduction of the portal, Mason’s web presence can more effectively serve the university’s internal and external audiences.

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