Teamwork at Mason: José and Rob Save the Day

Posted: June 8, 2009 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: June 5, 2009 at 3:51 pm

The following e-mail was sent on May 29 to Will Jackson, auto shop supervisor in Facilities Management, from Bob Jonas, chair of the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP), and is reprinted with their permission.

Dear Will,

José Marin and Rob Bevis were wonderful, doing duty above and beyond this evening. Due to a problem in ordering (no one knows where it started) a -86 freezer that was ordered long ago was not actually delivered. Since it is the end of the fiscal year we HAD to receive it today in order to spend our fiscal 09 budget. Thermo Fisher was able to ship it priority from North Carolina but not before noontime Friday. We knew it would not arrive before Central Receiving closed so we were prepared (we thought) to receive it at King Hall. However, the driver was told he did not need a pallet jack to offload. And we obviously have no equipment to move heavy materials. There was no way to even move the freezer from the front to the back of the truck, let alone get it off and into the loading dock area.

So knowing how good your people are I went over and asked for help. José and Rob were very helpful, efficient and expert. By the time I got back there with the driver and truck, they were waiting by Central Receiving with a pallet jack and fork lift. With skill and expertise they were able to easily offload the 800-pound freezer within a few minutes.

They were great. Without their help it is not clear how we would have offloaded the freezer after hours on a Friday. They have my highest respect. Thanks for having such good folks working there.

Bob Jonas
Chair ESP

(Jonas adds, “The guys in Receiving were great as well. Despite the fact that we left the freezer on their doorstep, they took that in stride and are arranging its final delivery to the Prince William Campus. This freezer thing is BIG in our world – without these freezers all our molecular biology work cannot happen.”)

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