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Posted: November 19, 1999 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national news coverage George Mason received during the past week:

Friday, Nov. 12, Christian Science Monitor

If It’s All in a Name, Hill Republicans Hold the Advantage

“Republicans ‘want to put their stamp on things, and this is their chance,’ says James Pfiffner, government professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.”

Sunday, Nov. 14, Washington Post

If Microsoft Loses, Slice It? Dice It? U.S., States See Advantages, Drawbacks in ‘Remedy’ Options

“‘[The government] could have to accept half a loaf partly because of the uncertainties created by harsh remedies,’ said Ernest Gellhorn, a professor of antitrust law at George Mason University. ‘But that would be better than proposing a remedy that makes things worse than they are now.'”

Monday, Nov. 15, Associated Press Newswires, Greensboro News & Record, Times Union Albany, Detroit News

Asia Rises, Re-Rises, Phoenix-Like During 20th Century

“‘Japan, Korea, and Taiwan were able to create modern state institutions that were reasonably uncorrupt, reasonably professional, and could focus on national economic development without having all the money siphoned off,’ said Francis Fukuyama, public policy professor at George Mason University. That was not the case in much of Southeast Asia, Fukuyama said, although the British left Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia with meritocracies and competent bureaucracies.'”

Thursday, Nov. 18, Toronto Star

Canucks ‘Ultimate Boy Scouts’–and Other U.S. Theories–500 Academics in U.S. Puzzle over Elusive ‘Canadian Identity’

“Blame our do-goodism on those Canadian cold fronts, says Virginia public policy professor Seymour Lipset. ‘Canadians are defined by their weather. The climate forces you to believe in cooperation and putting others’ welfare first,’ he says, noting the massive outpouring of relief during the Quebec ice storm and Manitoba floods. Officially, Lipset is a scholar on political sociology at The Institute of Public Policy at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Unofficially, he’s a guru to thousands of Americans involved in full-time Canadian studies programs at some 65 colleges and universities across the United States.”

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