University Recognition Award Recipients Announced

Posted: April 27, 2009 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

The month of May is awards season, and next week 26 university employees or work groups will be honored with the David W. Rossell Quill Award, the Margaret C. Howell Award, the Safety Recognition Award, the Outstanding Achievement Award, the Exceptional Support Award, the Team Excellence Award and the Presidential Citation Award.

In addition, a Sustainability Award will be presented by the Office of Sustainability, and the Outstanding Supervisor Award will be presented by the Staff Senate.

The presentation ceremony for these awards will take place on Thursday, May 7, at 9 a.m. in the Johnson Center’s Dewberry Hall. All are invited to attend and show their support for their colleagues.

The David W. Rossell Quill Award is granted to administrative and professional faculty at Mason for working on projects or initiatives outside the realm of normal work duties that advance the university’s mission. The recipient will have shared his or her expertise on projects that have contributed to the stature of the department and/or the entire university.

This award also recognizes that the recipient displayed leadership while involved in this work. The award amount is $500 from the central awards account. Up to $500 from department funds may be added to the initial award amount.

The recipient of the award is Gregg Toney, Auxiliary Enterprises.

The Margaret C. Howell Award is granted to employees with at least three years of continuous service at the university who have performed work that promotes respect, diversity and individual dignity throughout the university and the community. The recipient’s efforts will have had an impact on an individual or individuals, the university and/or the community it serves.

The recipient of this award will receive a plaque and $500 presented by Mason President Alan Merten.

The recipient of the award is Lorraine Rudowski, College of Health and Human Services.

The Safety Recognition Award is granted to a person or group of employees who have made a significant contribution to improving health and safety on campus. An employee or group of employees may be nominated by a colleague, supervisor, customer or student.

The recipient of the award is Wallace Riegel, Facilities Management.

The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented for achievements that result in significant benefit to the university, school, institute or department. These achievements improve processes, save time or money and/or improve customer service. The recipients will receive $500 each.

The recipients of the award are

Kathy Adcock, Technology Systems Division

Nicole Ciccone, School of Management

Charles Fanshaw, Facilities Planning

Paul Foley, Facilities Management

Jerry Hansen, Facilities Management

Tom Lyall, Student Financial Aid

Gerri Nickle, Fiscal Services

Jennifer Sturgis, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study

Greg Woodyard, Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Helga Yunker, Human Resources and Payroll

The Exceptional Support Award is designed to recognize employees upon whom departments rely for the smooth running of daily departmental functions and operations. These employees consistently demonstrate exceptional customer service, initiative, enthusiasm, commitment and energy. Recipients of this award will receive $250.

The recipients of the award are

Cynthia Bentley, University Libraries

Jessica Clark, School of Law

Kevin Gibson, Technology Systems Division

Holly Gillcash, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Misuk (Joyce) Kong, the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering

Wendy Lim, University Libraries

Michael Perini, University Libraries

The Team Excellence Award is given to employees based on outstanding results due to group achievement. Recipients of the award will receive $500.

The award goes to Prince William Facilities.

The Presidential Citation is a noncompetitive award recognizing individuals who perform an exceptional deed that may or may not be related to their normal duties. The recipient must have rendered a service or performed a deed at either personal or potential sacrifice that was motivated by good citizenship or a sense of public responsibility.

The recipients of the award are Emily Ross and Heather Parker, University Police.

The Sustainability Hero Award goes to Andrew Wingfield, New Century College.

The Outstanding Supervisor Award goes to Richard Wood, GMU-TV, and Susan Ridley, Psychology Department.

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