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Posted: November 12, 1999 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national news coverage George Mason received during the past week:

Sunday, Nov. 7, New York Times

Challenging That Cheeseburger

“Despite the role of money in politics, government can regulate harmful products whenever there is the political will to do so. So it is puzzling to find governments as plaintiffs in product liability lawsuits. ‘It’s bizarre to go to court and ask for relief from the fact that you have the wrong laws,’ said Daniel Polsby, a law professor at George Mason University.”

Sunday, Nov. 7, Straits Times (Singapore)

Asia Having the Cake and Eating It?

Francis Fukuyama’s latest treatise on global politics and society argues that Asia will not be immune from the ‘Great Disruption’ which has affected the West in the last 30 years…. Fukuyama, who teaches public policy at George Mason University in Virginia and is a former senior researcher at the United States think-tank, the RAND Corporation, points out that the greying of society will shortly force Seoul and Tokyo to choose between allowing an upsurge in the number of foreign guest workers, and eliminating obstacles to female participation in the job market. The second and most likely solution will lead in due course to the kind of erosion in family life already experienced in certain Western countries.”

Monday, Nov. 8, Time Magazine

How Hot Will It Get? No One Knows for Sure, But the Potential Perils of Climate Change Make It Unwise for Us to Ignore the Greenhouse Effect

By James Trefil, a George Mason University physics professor and author of 101 Things You Don’t Know About Science and No One Else Does Either

“Not so long ago, people talked about global warming in apocalyptic terms–imagining the Statue of Liberty up to its chin in water or an onslaught of tropical diseases in Oslo. Recently, however, advances in our understanding of climate have moved global warming from a subject for a summer disaster movie to a serious but manageable scientific and policy issue…. It makes no sense to overreact to the prospect of global warming, but it makes no sense to ignore it either. A prudent policy that stresses conservation and alternate energy sources seems to me to be wise insurance in an uncertain age. After all, our grandchildren will thank us for developing high-mileage cars, energy-efficient appliances, and cheap solar energy, no matter how the future of global warming plays out.”

Monday, Nov. 8, Associated Press Newswires

New Fish Threat May Help Explain Pfiesteria Scare

“‘We’ve thought for quite some time that fish kills may have been caused by a combination of environmental stress and alternative disease-causing organisms and not by Pfiesteria-produced toxins,’ said Patrick Gillevet, a George Mason University researcher who helped identify the Kudoa parasite. ‘These results support our hypotheses.'”

Wednesday, Nov. 10, Los Angeles Times

Anchorman’s Trial Focuses on Promises Courts

“The securities fraud trial of former KCBS-TV anchorman Larry Carroll focused Tuesday on testimony by a banking expert who told the court that promises of a high-yield investment with no risk usually signal some kind of fraud. ‘There are investments that can provide staggering returns, but the risks are very high,’ said James Byrne, a law professor at George Mason University.”

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