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Posted: September 12, 2008 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Following are highlights of national news coverage Mason recently received.

Monday, Aug. 18, Fox News

Russia-Georgia Ceasefire and Pullout of Troops

Susan Allen Nan, assistant professor at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, appeared on Fox News 5 commenting about the ceasefire between Russia and Georgia and the agreed pullout of Russian troops. Nan said she laments the revived Cold War mentality that power and military means can solve problems, and she has hopes for a future where the needs of all of the parties are considered and addressed peacefully.

Thursday, Sept. 4, Bloomberg

Former Ally Bush Fights Airlines with New York Flight-Sale Plan

“President George W. Bush, who helped U.S. airlines with cash and loans after the 2001 terrorist attacks, has turned against them with plans to auction off flight rights at New York-area airports to boost competition. New carriers such as Virgin America Inc. may gain, though it says it plans to skip the first Newark sale. The ‘worst nightmare’ for big airlines would be more competition from young carriers, said George Donohue, director of the Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.”

Friday, Sept. 5, CNN: “The Situation Room”

Presidential Campaign

Michael Fauntroy, assistant professor in the School of Public Policy, appeared on CNN to comment on the idea that some Republicans say they are torn between ideology and the chance to make history with this year’s election. “I believe there are going to be numerous conversations generations from now if Barack Obama should win, in which the grandkids and kids are going to ask their parents and grandparents, you know, what did you do to help him get elected,” Fauntroy said. “And for many of these voters, these African-American Republicans, you know, they don’t want to have to say to their kids and grandkids, I didn’t support him.”

Monday, Sept. 8, Denver Post

Risk for Thee but Not for Me

“Has your corporation acted recklessly? Has this corporation habitually made appallingly stupid decisions? No worries. Government is here for you. ‘One of the most depressing things about the current situation,’ explained Russell Roberts, an economics professor at George Mason University, ‘is that people will try and find different ways to “fix” the mortgage market when it was the very attempt to “fix” it that brought us to where we are today.’ Economists disagree on whether the Freddie and Fannie bailout was avoidable at this point in the game. So the question should now become: How do we avoid putting other vital industries in similarly precarious situations when we ‘fix’ them?”

Monday, Sept. 8, MSNBC

Five Reasons to Travel during the 2008 Holidays

“Air travelers are adjusting to the historic airline cuts by flying less. So it’s unlikely that flights will be more crowded than ever. In fact, it’s possible that more air travelers will forfeit their trip than the airlines expected, which could translate into smaller crowds at the airports and possibly even lower fares. There’s some evidence this is already happening. Expedia says in certain markets, prices are dropping precipitously. Fall fares between Denver and San Francisco are down 32 percent and those between Denver and San Diego are down 30 percent. How about airline delays? ‘Passenger trip delays will remain at the same levels as 2007,’ Lance Sherry, executive director for the Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University, told me. That’s not exactly good news, but then again, at least it won’t be any worse.”

Monday, Sept. 8, Washington Post

Lawsuit to Ask That Cheney’s Papers Be Made Public

“Months before the Bush administration ends, historians and open-government advocates are concerned that Vice President Cheney, who has long bristled at requirements to disclose his records, will destroy or withhold key documents that illustrate his role in forming U.S. policy for the past 7 1/2 years. In a preemptive move, several of them have agreed to join the advocacy group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in asking a federal judge to declare that Cheney’s records are covered by the Presidential Records Act of 1978 and cannot be destroyed, taken or withheld without proper review. Martin J. Sherwin, a history professor at George Mason University and a plaintiff in the case, said it will be impossible to measure Cheney’s influence without access to the records. ‘It horrifies me as a citizen to think our government can operate in total secrecy during the administration and then, after the administration, remain in secrecy,’ he said.”

Tuesday, Sept. 9, Chicago Tribune

Bail Out of Future Bailouts

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in danger of imploding, as their share prices plunged and they found themselves badly short of capital. The Treasury intervention over the weekend was deemed essential to avoid a collapse that would have done to the economy what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans. Even experts who favor a minimal federal role in the economy acknowledge the need. George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen warned that if the two were allowed to fail, foreign capital would dry up, the dollar would drop 30 or 40 percent in a matter of days, the Dow could lose half its value, most U.S. banks would be insolvent, unemployment would soar into the double digits, and ‘many Americans would not have access to their savings.’”

Tuesday, Sept. 9, New York Times

Libertarians for Obama?

“If you like smaller government, should you vote for Barack Obama? Alex Tabarrok, a professor of economics at George Mason University, makes the case at Marginal Revolution. ‘War is the antithesis of the libertarian philosophy of consent, voluntarism and trade,’ Tabarrok writes. ‘With every war in American history Leviathan has grown larger and our liberties have withered. War is the health of the state. And now, fulfilling the dreams of Big Brother, we are in a perpetual war. A country cannot long combine unlimited government abroad and limited government at home. The Republican party has become the party of war and thus the party of unlimited government.’”

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