John Creuziger Is September Employee of the Month

Posted: September 2, 2008 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Nick Walker

John Creuziger
John Creuziger
Photo courtesy of John Creuziger

Being one of Mason’s first staff members to work remotely, John Creuziger hasn’t been to campus in more than a year.

But that hasn’t stopped him from staying connected to his job as a web developer or from doing the outstanding work that has earned him September Employee of the Month honors.

“As a newcomer to the university [in 2006], I would have been lost without John’s help,” says Danny Collier, director of information technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) and one of Creuziger’s supervisors.

“He has advised and guided me every step of the way. John is well known and respected, both within the Information Technology Unit and throughout the university.”

“John is one of the most responsive employees I have ever encountered at Mason,” adds Shira Goodfellow, Creuziger’s other supervisor and manager of Mason’s Human Resources Information System.

Creuziger moved to Fort Myers, Fla., more than four years ago.

“I moved there two weeks before Hurricane Charlie,” says Creuziger, who joined the university in 2000 and served four years as a manager in the Information Technology Unit. “I’d been trying to move to Florida, and the opportunity finally came up on the personal side.”

Creuziger’s job description has changed since he physically left Mason.

“I was a manager before, but managing remotely is very difficult,” says Creuziger, who last came to the Fairfax Campus in July 2007. “I now spend half of my time working for Human Resources and the other half with CHSS. It’s all web development, which lends itself to remote work.”

When he’s not working for Mason, Creuziger enjoys the beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast and restores antique cars.

“I just finished working on a 1969 Pontiac Firebird this past winter,” Creuziger says. “I spent seven years on this. You’d be surprised how many parts a car actually has.”

Because of Creuziger’s location, the traditional Employee of the Month award ceremony will be held as a videoconference.

“With today’s technology, there are all kinds of alternatives,” Creuziger notes. “Remote computing technologies are advanced enough that I was able to work from Sofia, Bulgaria, for a week last December without a problem.”

Creuziger also gives credit to his co-workers and supervisors for helping to make his remote job successful.

“It’s quite an honor to receive this award,” he says. “Nobody gets Employee of the Month working by themselves. When you are working remotely, people have to go more out of their way to work with you. They have to mail stuff down or call. Little things people do help me out a lot.”

At the same time, his co-workers say they find it easy to work with him.

“In this day and age, it almost sounds antiquated, but John is a gentleman,” says Robyn Madar, a trainer in Human Resources and Payroll. “He is thoughtful, gracious even under pressure, and demonstrates all those qualities that a department comes to rely upon.”

“John’s technical skills are outstanding,” says Janet Walker, work/life and communications coordinator in Human Resources and Payroll. “He is creative in his approach and is very customer-service driven. The quality of our web site has improved dramatically in both content and style as a result of John’s superlative efforts. John’s enthusiasm for what he does helps the entire department, as we can continue to keep our web site fresh and current.”

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