LeAnn Pittman Is February Employee of the Month

Posted: February 1, 2008 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

By Ryann Doyle

LeAnn Pittman
LeAnn Pittman
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Position at Mason: Manager of Classroom Support on the Arlington Campus

Years at Mason: Seven and a half

What She Does: Pittman is responsible for supporting technology in the classrooms, at events and in computer labs, as well as equipment checkout to those who need equipment in classrooms that don’t have it already installed.

What She Enjoys Most about Her Job: Pittman says she enjoys the camaraderie of the Arlington Campus. She adds that she would not be in a position to get the Employee of the Month award if she did not have the staff she does. “I have a great boss, and my staff is just wonderful. They have a real desire to provide excellent support, and it shows,” explains Pittman. “They make me look good. It’s all about teamwork.”

Life before Mason: Pittman worked as the director of audiovisual services for a company called Swank. She has a degree in photography and videography and became quite knowledgeable in audio and lighting as well. It was those technical skills she honed in her job with Swank. Before that, she had been a manager or supervisor in various jobs.

What She Does for Fun: In her spare time, she continues to pursue her art photography passion through her art business, ShutterQuest. “As often as possible, I participate in art shows at the Del Ray Artisans. I love animals and have two dogs, two parrots, and fish. My husband and I also enjoy music and movies. We have quite a collection between the two of us. I also spend a great deal of time in volunteer work,” says Pittman. She works with NOVAM as a mentor, as newsletter editor for the Del Ray Artisans, and she is active in her church.

What Others Say about Her:

“As manager for Arlington Classroom Support, LeAnn consistently provides high quality customer service to her clients. LeAnn is extremely dedicated to her job and is an outstanding manager. Her office staff are all well trained and committed to provide high quality support to the Arlington Campus community. LeAnn has put processes and procedures in place that have drastically improved the quality of support to customers.”

—Saied Miremadi, senior manager of Arlington Classroom Technologies

“LeAnn has demonstrated creativity and successfully found solutions when they seemed elusive, particularly in getting much-needed basic electronic equipment into classrooms. I have found her to be sympathetic to our instructional needs, and she never fails to consult me, even if only informally, to ascertain what course of action might be preferable when there are options available.”

—Thys van Schaik, senior assistant dean of the School of Public Policy

“LeAnn possesses excellent management and communication skills. She is devoted to her staff and to her department, and enthusiasm and work ethic infuses her entire staff. It is a pleasure to work with LeAnn because no matter how odd or last-minute our requests can be, she maintains a sense of humor and strives to provide the very best service anyone could ask for.”

—Rusty O’Connor, office manager of the School of Law

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