November 2007 Accolades

Posted: November 1, 2007 at 1:00 am, Last Updated: November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Accolades recognizes the latest achievements of Mason faculty and staff members.

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College of Education and Human Development

Shane Caswell wrote a chapter titled “Protective Helmets in Sports” in the book “Materials in Sports Equipment.”

Jim Kozlowksi received the National Distinguished Professional Award from the National Recreation and Park Association at the NRPA Congress in Indianapolis on Sept. 26. He also published an article titled “Not Accountable for Hidden Defibrillator” in Parks and Recreation.

Margo Mastropieri and Tom Scruggs published a book titled “The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Effective Instruction.” They also published Vol. 20 of Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities,” which included the article they wrote titled “Co-Teaching in Inclusive Settings: Results of Qualitative Research from the United States, Canada and Australia.” They also published three more articles: “Peers Helping Peers” in Educational Leadership; “Science Learning in Special Education: The Case for Constructed vs. Instructed Learning” in Exceptionality; and “Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Research” in Exceptional Children.

Wendy Matthews and Anastasia Kitsantas wrote an article titled “Group Cohesion, Collective Efficacy and Motivational Climate as Predictors of Conductor Support in Musical Ensembles” which was published in the Journal of Research in Musical Education.

John Nauright and his colleague published a paper titled “Globalization and the Fitness Industry: A Case Study of 24 Hour Fitness and Its Expansion into Asia” in the International Journal of Fitness.

Elavie Ndura presented two papers, “Teacher Professional Development in Post-Conflict Burundi: Needs, Challenges and Promises” and “Educating for Peace Post-Conflict Burundi: Educators’ and Students’ Perspectives,” at the 13th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies in Sarajevo on Sept. 4. Ndura also spent two weeks in Belgium in August to further her research on the acculturation and integration of African immigrants in Western societies.

Anastasia Samaras and her colleagues published an article titled “Building a Plane While Flying It: Reflections of Teaching and Learning Self-Study” in Reflective Practice.

Kimberly Sheridan co-wrote a book titled “Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education,” which was featured in a recent New York Times article titled “Book Tackles Old Debate: Role of Art in Schools.”

Dave Wiggins wrote a chapter titled “Climbing the Racial Mountain: A History of the African American Experience in Sport” in the book “Diversity and Social Justice in College Sports: Sport Management and the Student Athlete,” written by Dana Brooks and Ronald Althouse.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Deborah Boehm-Davis, Psychology, received additional funds for her project titled “Analysis of Pilot Procedures and Practices for Automated Flight Decks,” which is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Alan Cheuse, English, published a collection of novellas titled “The Fires” in September. He also wrote a new short story titled “A Little Death,” which appears in the Southern Review.

Carrie Meyer, Economics, published a book titled “Days on the Family Farm: From the Golden Age through the Great Depression,” which is based on 44 years of farm diaries and ledgers.

Koraly Perez-Edgar, Psychology, received additional funds for her project titled “Threat and Attention in Adolescent Anxiety,” which is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Martin Sherwin, History and Art History, was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on Oct. 6. He also delivered the annual Willis C. Russell Lecture in History at Alfred University in New York on Oct. 18.

Steve Zaccaro, Psychology, received an award from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory for a project titled “Teambuilder II: Assembling Ad Hoc Critical Teams to Respond to Emergent Demands.”

College of Science

Kevin Curtin, Geography, published the article titled “Optimal Dispersion And Central Places” in the Journal of Geographical Systems (2007).

Barry Kronenfeld gave a presentation titled “Triangulation of Gradient Polygons: A Spatial Data Model for Categorical Fields” at Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory in Melbourne, Australia in September.

Burl Self, Geography, presented a sample academic year curriculum titled Native American Studies: Pre-History to European Contact to representatives of the National Geographic Society, the Virginia Geographic Alliance, at Christopher Newport University. Self also attended a conference of the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations as a Malone Fellow in October. He was selected as a judge for the Fairfax County Government Inter-Agency GIS competition on Nov. 6.

Nigel Waters, Geography, was invited to participate in the Institute Para Limes workshop in Holland. He published an article titled “Determining Geographic Areas and Populations with Timely Access to Cardiac Catheterization Facilities of Acute Myocardial Infarction Care in Alberta, Canada” in the International Journal of Health Geographics. He also published an article titled “An Unfinished Revolution: Gaining Perspective on the Future of GIS” in GeoWorld.

Edmund Zolnik, Geography, published an article titled “Cost Attribution in Unlimited Access Transit Programs: Case Study on the UConn Prepaid Fare Program Failure” in the Professional Geographer.

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Adriane Fang, Dance, won a Bessie Award, which was presented in New York in September. Bessie Awards are given annually for innovative achievement in dance and related performances.

Robinson Professors

Robert Hazen, Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences, presented the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Bioscience Distinguished Lecture titled “From Geo to Bio: The Emergence of Biochemical Complexity.” He also lectured at the Brookings Institution’s Seminar on Science and Technology Policy and was a participant in the first Kavli Futures Symposium titled “The Merging of Bio and Nano,” which was held in Ilulissat, Greenland in June. Hazen was also featured on NOVA Science Now’s program on “Emergence,” which aired in July. In addition, Hazen gave a lecture titled “Left and Right: Origins of Biochemical Homochirality” at Argonne National Laboratory.

Carma Hinton, Robinson Professor of Visual Culture and Chinese Studies, gave a film presentation and discussion at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as part of the educational programs associated with a new exhibition titled “Through Six Generations: The Weng Collection of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.” She also presented six films, lectured on traditional Chinese architecture and held a roundtable discussion with faculty and students on issues of rural development at the National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning.

James Trefil, Robinson Professor of Physics, gave a speech titled “Scientific Literacy: A Tale in Three Heresies” at the Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Educational Foundation Annual Meeting. He also gave a lecture titled “Science and the Law” at Texas Judicial Section Annual Conference, Galveston.

Roger Wilkins, Robinson Professor of History and American Culture, was appointed to the mentoring core for fifth- and sixth-grade boys at Bowen Elementary School in Washington, D.C. He also participated in a speaking tour of South Carolina colleges and universities at the request of the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

School of Management

Edward Douthett, Accounting, was the associate editor of the book, “Research in Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting.”

Keith Jones, Accounting, was awarded a grant from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Investor Education Foundation. The grant will be used to conduct three studies: to investigate the feasibility of using non-financial measures to detect fraud; to investigate whether investors can/should use non-financial measures to make investment decisions; and to investigate whether auditors are using non-financial measures to detect fraud.

David Kravitz, Management, published a chapter titled “Affirmative Action Attitudes: More Complex Than We Know” in the book “Theory and Scholarship in Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Work: A Research Companion.” He also organized a four-hour professional development workshop for the August meeting of the Academy of Management and secured a sponsorship for the meeting from the Diversity Training Group.

Nacef Mouri, Marketing, and his colleague Steve Litvin gave a presentation titled “Family Branding and the Marketing of Tourism Destinations: Is It Always a Good Idea?” at the Academy of Marketing Science Conference in New Orleans, La.

Beth Schneider, Marketing, published the third edition of her book, “Interpersonal Skills in Organizations.”

School of Public Policy

Kenneth Button published seven articles: “Transportation Quality Indices for Economic Analysis of Non-Metropolitan Cities” in the European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research , Vol. 7, No. 2 (2007); “The Costs of Setting Up and Operating Electronic Road Pricing in Cities” in Traffic Engineering and Control, Vol. 48, No. 6 (2007); “Distance and Competitiveness—The Role of Gateways, Corridors and Competition” in North American Networks: Gaps and Opportunities (2007); “Índices de calidad de transporte para el análisis económico de ciudades no metropolitanas” in Las Redes De Transporte desde un Enfoque Multidisciplinar (2007); “Regulatory Reform in Aviation” in Institutions and Sustainable Transport: Regulatory Reforms in Advanced Economics (2007); “Transport Policy” in “The European Union: Economics and Politics,” eighth edition (2007); and “The Implications of the Commercialization of Air Transport Infrastructure” in “The Economics of Airline Institutions, Operations and Marketing 2.”

Jeremy Mayer published an article titled “GOP Veep Choice Could Get Interesting” in the Politico on Oct. 16.

Janine Wedel wrote an op-ed piece titled “The Shadow Army” that appeared in the Sept. 30 edition of the Boston Globe.

Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering

Tomasz Arciszewski, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, gave a talk titled “Body Armor: Learning Inventive Design Principles from Nature and History” at the U.S. Air Force Research Center in Dayton, Ohio. Arciszewski and his colleague also published an article titled “Breeding Better Buildings” in the Nov.-Dec. 2007 issue of American Scientist. He also served on the Organizing Committee for the 2nd Working Conference on Computer Aided Innovation and contributed to the presentation of his joint paper titled “Measuring Innovation in Multi-Component Engineering Systems.” In addition, he participated in a panel discussion on “Innovation in the Market from the Customer Point of View.”

Michael Bronzini and John Matusik, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, co-wrote and presented a paper titled “Using the Senior Design Jury to Directly Assess Program Outcomes” at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education. Bronzini was also appointed chair of the Research Committee and member of the Executive Committee of the Center for Intermodal Freight Transportation Studies. In addition, he was appointed a member of the Industrial and Professional Advisory Council for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Penn State University.

Michael Casey, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, and his graduate assistant, Nicholas Cook, presented a paper titled “Self-Organized Criticality of Interdependent Infrastructure Systems” at the Trans-Atlantic Infrastructure Day.

Janos Gertler, Electrical and Computer Engineering, gave a presentation titled “A Macro-Economic Model Analysis of the Effect of Offshoring on the U.S. Economy” at the Symposium on Computational Economics in Istanbul in October.

Hassan Gomaa, Information and Software Engineering, Daniel Menascé, Computer Science, and PhD student Honglei Ruan published a paper titled “QoS Management in Service-Oriented Architectures” in the Journal of Performance Evaluation, August 2007.

Xuxian Jiang, Information and Software Engineering, was awarded a grant titled “Process Coloring: An Information Flow-Preserving Approach to Malware Investigation” from Purdue University/U.S. Air Force in June. He was also awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation for “CT-ISG: Collaborative Proposal: Enabling Detection of Elusive Malware by Going Out of the Box with Semantically Reconstructed View.”

Larry Kerschberg, Information and Software Engineering, gave the keynote speech titled “The Role of XML Databases in Intelligent Search and Case-Based Reasoning” at the International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning in Belfast, Northern Ireland in August. He also co-wrote a paper titled “A Case-Based Framework for Collaborative Semantic Search in Knowledge Sifter,” which was presented at the conference.

Jessica Lin, Information and Software Engineering, gave a speech titled “Discovering Unusual and Nontrivial Patterns in Massive Time Series Databases” at IBM Almaden in San Jose, Calif. She also co-wrote an article titled “Efficient Discovery of Unusual Patterns in Time Series,” which was published in New Generation Computing in May.

Daniel Menascé, Computer Science, received the Recognition of Service Award from the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) for his contributions to ACM as the general chair of the 2007 Federated Computing Research Conference. He also presented a paper titled “A Business-Oriented Load Dispatching Framework for Online Auction Sites” at the IEEE International Conference of Quantitative Evaluation of Systems in Edinburg, Scotland in September.

Ami Motro, Information and Software Engineering, published an article titled “Evolving VirtuE in Establishing the Foundation of Collaborative Networks” in the International Federation for Information Processing. She also published the article titled “Grid VirtuE: A Layered Architecture for Grid Virtual Enterprises” in the International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems.

Jeff Offutt, Information and Software Engineering, co-wrote an article titled “Using Coupling-Based Weights for the Class Integration and Test Order Problem,” which was published in the August issue of the Computer Journal. He also co-wrote an article titled “Generating Trace-Sets for Model-Based Testing,” which will be presented at the 18th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering in November at Trollhattan, Sweden.

Jayna Shah, Siddarth Sundaresan and Mulpuri Rao, Electrical and Computer Engineering, have published an article titled “Microwave Dielectric Heating of Fluids in an Integrated Microfluidic Device” in the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering.

Edgar Sibley, Information and Software Engineering, is serving as a visiting professor in Taiwan. He recently gave a keynote talk in Wuhan, China and led seminars at the University of Beijing and SunYat Sen University. He will also be giving a keynote talk in Taipei in December.

Xinyuan Wang, Information and Software Engineering, and his colleagues presented a paper titled “Network Flow Watermarking Attack on Low-Latency Anonymous Communication Systems” at the 2007 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in May in Oakland, Calif. Wang and his colleagues also presented a paper titled “Tracing Traffic through Intermediate Hosts that Repacketize Flows” at the 26th Annual IEEE Conference on Computer Communications in Anchorage, Alaska.

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